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Beautiful Modern Home In Sharon, Israel Crafted From A Discarded Old Bus

Sustainable homes are all the rave in modern times. They seem to range from eco-friendly homes that are completely carbon neutral to stunning shipping container residences that redefine our view of the possible. Located in Even Yehuda, a town in the central Sharon region of Israel, this lovely house has been crafted from an old and discarded bus. The transformation is neither expansive and nor is it expensive. Incorporating smart and savvy solutions, the dynamic duo of Tally Saul and Hagit Morevski set out on the enterprising adventure that saw complete revamp of the discarded bus.

Bright seating options liven up the dining area

While the duo did pick up the bus from an old scrap yard, they turned to Ward Design for expert help on how to move forward with the renovation. Very soon, the two and half feet wide and 12 feet long bus was converted into a stylish house that seems to incorporate an essential touch of minimalism. Lovely detailing of both the metal floor and the walls gave the vehicle a touch of authenticity while the décor was kept to bare minimum due to space constraints.

Interiors of the revamped bus

Relaxing and plush bedroom area

Inspiring quote from Hepburn on the wall!

A stylish little booth with bright orange seats was placed right behind the wheel while a long and ergonomic kitchen is placed on the opposite side. Beautiful wooden accents have been added using the kitchen counter and sleek white shelves bring in a sense of airiness. Bathroom and shower area with frosted glass doors along with a chic white wardrobe sporting a portrait of Audrey Hepburn occupy the connecting corridor with the bedroom.

A plush bedroom in the backyard that doubles up as a couch during daytime completes the renovation. Elegant and sustainable, the renovated bus residence comes with all the basic modern amenities like air conditioner and hot water in the shower. Apparently the owners of the bus are more than glad to sell it off to any interested buyers in the region for a price of $300,000. Interested guys?

Glass shower enclosure in the bus

Look at the bus before revamp

View of the mobile home after makeover

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