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High Tech Window Film for Your Home

Windows are very important in designing a building or even a room remodel. Location, shape, size and usefulness of the window are important. Styling is another area where the architect’s skill comes into play to get just the perfect combination for the design. Even after all of this attention to detail is paid, the choice of glass and high tech materials adds additional considerations. More decisions are needed.

Enjoy an elegant breakfast without the early morning glare
A warm nighttime glow can be achieved with high tech gold deposition on film

High tech windows cover many different disciplines from environmental, protection, greenness and temperature control to keeping Mother Nature at bay. One of the options available to the home owner or designer is high tech window film. No, we are not talking about the old, ordinary film that peeled off after a year or two, but long-lasting window film employing high technology.

Indoor pool protected from glare
One-way high tech film for privacy and a good view at the same time

Glare and UV Protection by Many Manufacturers

Traditional window film was made in different colors and provided some reduction in glare and small savings on heating and cooling costs. They only lasted a couple of years at the best and frequently peeled away from the glass, leaving an unsightly window.

Hüper Optik makes a wide range of high tech window films
Hüper Optik makes a wide range of high tech window films
Hüper Optik employs nanoceramic technology via Sun Tech

Now, science has provided many different technologies, such as vapor deposition and nanotechnology. These allow films that can provide everything from protection from some types of skin cancer by blocking UV rays, to films that make it extremely difficult for burglars to break windows and enter your home.

See clearly and protect expensive furniture from fading

If you can think of a need, or even a combination of needs, I would bet you can find a film to meet your specifications.

Enjoy a glare-free sunset
Glare from parched and bare yard is eliminated with high tech window film

Hüper Optik is one manufacturer of high tech window coverings that has several patented manufacturing processes. Its nanoceramic process puts a thin layer of ceramic onto the film which provides many qualities depending on the thickness. When combined with their patented multilayer film process, you can get just about any specific quality you wish.

Protect your automobile collection from fading with nanoceramic window film
Expensive rug and dining room furniture protected from harmful UV rays
Dining room with peaked glass roof enjoys the view and protection

Sometimes all a building or room needs is protection from the heat of the sun. Many states like Arizona and Nevada have beautiful wide-open desert areas that provide a great climate for sun-worshipers.

Good view without glare via Clear View Window Tinting

The last thing you want to do is put the equivalent of a pair of sunglasses on the homes and darken up the view. What is the sense of that?

If you are overly sensitive to the harsh glare from the sun, you may need a heavier barrier from the sun’s rays. Reflection 35 from ASWF has a silver coating that reflects a lot of the heat and some of the light. Solutions to both glare and excessive heat are resolved.

Comparison: right window in home office has Reflection 35 film – right window untreated
Comparison of backyard view on curved window [right side untreated]

Glare from grass lawns can be bothersome. Check out the room below with just one window treated with film.

Compare the untreated window (left side) with the protected window
Compare the untreated window (left side) with the protected window
Glare from backyard lawn will not bother you when preparing meals in this kitchen
Living area made comfortable with film-covered windows

Glare from Water is Damaging

Any time you have a home sitting on a lake or ocean, you always have large glass windows so you can enjoy the wonderful peace and tranquility offered by bodies of water. If you have a pool in your yard, you may also have a large expanse of glass to allow you to keep track of the young adults and even the older folks whom may get a bit rambunctious at times.

Beautiful home on the water protected with high tech film
A beautiful pool can cause damage with reflections from the sun

This great vision can easily turn into a curse when the sun is at just the right position in the sky. You will get a blast of direct sunlight and a reflected glare from the pool or water.

Large film-covered windows facing the pool protect your eyes

Look at what these homeowners have done to combat the devastating damage a double-dose of sunlight can do. Your eyes can even be strained or worse by long-term glare. At the minimum, you could get wrinkles around your eyes from squinting all the time.

Kitchen and living area protected from the water’s glare
Kitchen and living area protected from the water’s glare
Wonderful bedroom view made easy on the eyes by high tech film
Outside view of a glare-protected home
Glare-free view from the inside of the above house

The home pictured below is protected from the glare and damage of the water. You can see just how bright the glare is on the white wall. Look at the ripples!

Lakeside home with glare-reducing film
Lakeside home with glare-reducing film

Hot and Cold Energy Conservation

In the winter, the heat of the sun is cherished to warm the insides of your home. That same sun can make your indoor living in the summer a living… Well, you know the location where the climate is burning unbearably hot all the time.

Day Dream 35 via Clear View Window Tinting

For instance, Day Dream 35 made by ASWF solves the problem by reducing the 47% of the sun’s energy without compromising the incredible view. Inside temperatures are reduced significantly reducing the amount of air conditioning.

Other films can also help protect your home from excessive air conditioning costs, especially when combined with natural ventilation.

High tech nanoceramic film combined with upper ventilation windows

Versatility for Your Home

High tech window film is a great solution for both new and old construction. It also lends itself to odd-shaped windows.

Film is perfect for curved glass windows
Protective film used in constructing this beautiful new home
Formal dining area with film-protected curved glass

Replacing glass that must be custom cut is expensive as is buying treated glass to replace your existing window panes.

Even rustic log cabins can benefit from window film
Different window shapes are accommodated by film

Window film is the perfect solution for this sitting room. Pay attention to the triangle- and peak-shaped windows.

Protection for furniture in this sitting area
Protection for furniture in this sitting area
This home’s multi-shape panes are covered with silver deposition film
You can’t miss the versatility of film by looking at all the windows

The homeowner below would have had to buy hundreds of custom-fit glass pieces if they were to replace just this room with energy-efficient glass. They used film instead.

Exquisite room with custom skylight and arched windows

You can also decorate with film for your windows. The home below has a myriad of windows covering just about every size and shape. Look closely at the decoration on the doors.

Decorative film on the doors of this house
Blue tinted protective film accentuates the sky
Golden tinted windows give provide a welcoming look from the outside

The home below is protected not only from the glare from the pool, but also protected from overzealous basketball players in the pool. The film protects the windows from sending shards of glass flying when the window is broken.

Windows by the pool have dual protection
Windows by the pool have dual protection

Privacy is another versatile feature available with high tech window film. One way film protects the bather while providing a relaxing view from the tub.

You can enjoy both privacy and observe nature at the same time from your bath
Wonderful bathroom with privacy film

Now that you have seen some of the possibilities in using high tech window film, are you going to consider using to give your home an uplifting, comfortable view?

Fred Hoot

I write for decoist.

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