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Silhouette Sensations: Casting Positive DIY Shadows in Your Home

Ever realize that no matter how old you get, no matter the many circumstances and self inflicted drama you’ve survived, the Home Alone can creep up on you, far too easily. That feeling where every creak, every whisper of wind is the proof of another presence. Sometimes our too tired minds conjure up villains of a psychopathic nature. Sometimes our overactive and equally tired imaginations feed us of some foreign, unknown species. Perhaps extraterrestrial combined with futuristic robot.

We grab the nearest object that would qualify as a weapon of mass destruction: A shoe, a baseball bat, or police grade flashlight. We are prepared to declare war. We will win this battle against….a tipped over trashcan rolling from the gentle summer breeze. Ah, back to bed we go telling ourselves we did it for the neighborhood. We weren’t scared. Not at all.

Fear like that is a funny thing. Why is it that when our hands are forming a cute bunny rabbit over a lamp it’s harmless but any other shadow that just represents a threat has our heart pounding in our stomach? Well as the lights fade out and the stars come alive as millions of small beacons of hope we can decorate our home with some simple DIY shadow art. Give your walls and ceilings silhouettes that make you feel safe and protected and pull at your reminiscing heartstrings.

The Antique Silhouette Photo:

You’ll probably need to slip on your bifocals for this project but the end result will be stunning and completely hand made. Have your muse stand with their silhouette facing you against a solid backdrop like a well-lighted bedroom wall. Print this picture, and paint the background using white acrylic paint and a fine tip paintbrush.

After adequate drying color in the silhouette using a permanent marker. For accentuating finer points of the pictures such as humidity induced curls or eyelashes use a finer point permanent marker. Let the marker image dry for several brief minutes then proceed to make a photocopy of your image. Cut out the black silhouette copied image careful to make your image as close a cut as possible as this will be your stencil.

Lay your “mug shot” on a piece of acid free black paper, carefully trace lightly with a sharp pencil and cut this out making it smooth and rounded for a flawless look. Adhere to your background paper, either white or cream and lastly finish by smoothing out any stray bubbles. Come on iPhone owners. We’ve done this part countless times when applying our protective screens!

Frame it, and begin on your next silhouette until you’ve created a nice collection of frames that will watch over your living space with loving care!

The Fairy Godmother Shadow:

In your craft store’s scrapbook isle find a die cut image of a character or shape that you or your loved one will enjoy. If you can’t find what you are looking for print an image from online of a solid silhouette.

Cut this image our and carefully adhere to the top opening of your lampshade. Keep in mind that whatever lamp you choose there should be adequate spacing between the bulb and paper. Make sure the paper doesn’t droop against the bulb and lastly preferably choose a lamp that isn’t frequently used for long hours.

Wait for night to fall and switch on your wall and watch as Tinkerbelle magically appears on your ceiling!

The Reassurance of Quotables:

Very similar to the Fairy Godmother Shadow this shadow show is great for casting a positive message throughout the home. Again you can find a die cut image of an inspirational message or again you can print one. Cut out the words (Be careful that you choose a bolder text so that the letters aren’t compromised.) Spray a fixative on the front side of your letters, make sure to spray the right side; a backwards written positive message has a negative effect on ones eyesight! [project via TheConcreteCottage]

Adhere to the lampshade and let the words envelope you and yours and dispel the monsters in the closet or under the bed with some uplifting nighttime friends!

Momina Khan

From a very early age Momina Khan discovered her passion and talent for rearranging furniture and indulging herself with interior design. Over the years this passion has only intensified as well as her education and calling in creative writing. As a writer Momina finds Decoist a perfect environment to creating art with words on the art of DIY d[...]

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