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Innovative And Energy Efficient Soleta ZeroEnergy One Comes Alive In Bucharest

Green technologies and solutions are all the rage in the current world. The necessity to turn towards energy-efficient solutions is much more than a mere trend that is both fashionable and profitable. Dwindling energy sources and growing power costs are making a shift towards the green an absolute must.

The Soleta ZeroEnergy One by FITS (Justin Capră Foundation for Inventics and Sustainable Technologies) takes impressive steps forward in this regard as it provides a cool and smart green home solution.

Taking shape in Bucharest, Romania, the Soleta ZeroEnergy One is the first of its kind in the country. But what sets apart from other sustainable home designs is the fact that seamlessly amalgamates form and functionality to bring in the best of both worlds.

Self-sustainable homes are not easy to design. That proposition becomes harder when they need to blend in affordability with versatile design and energy efficiency. Soleta relies on a multitude of features to bring about the best results. Solar, wind, geothermal and hydro energies are used to serve the energy needs of the home.

Conventional grid power is also conserved to the hilt as LED lighting installations, energy recovery systems, ample natural light and ventilation cut down the usage of energy significantly. Rainwater storage system and grey water recycling systems make the home more efficient even as the surrounding green ensures that Soleta is as carbon neutral as possible.

Cool design for a self sustainable home

From an aesthetic standpoint, pristine white walls, neutral color combinations, warm wooden surfaces and large glass windows give this home a contemporary look. Plush décor and a modern kitchen complete this stylish home that is both easy on the eyes and the planet. Perfect for every weather condition and with an ability to transform the interiors to suit varying family needs Soleta ZeroEnergy One sure stands out from the crowd.

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Sherry Nothingam

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