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17 Ombre Rugs: Exploring a Popular Design Trend

Conveying a sense of abstract, ombre rugs help define sophisticated homes. A fresh coat of paint to revive the room and a new ombre rug changes the spirit of a space in no time. if color is what you are searching for, an ombre rug will take you from shade to shade through your favorite colors and add an interesting touch to the room.

Luxurious light to dark shades create a dramatic effect in both social and private spaces alike. Gradient rugs can be beautifully displayed in modern and traditional residences due to their versatility and visual appeal.

Modern Ombre Rug (1)

High fashion area rugs in gradient shades can easily become the focal point of any room. Imagine walking into the bedroom, where shades of blue, white and pink compose a fresh environment. Here you sail away on an ocean of dreams every time you go to sleep – why wouldn’t your fluffy ombre rug be the one that sends you on this journey at night?

I find it easy to create a striking visual impact with the use of this artistic concept – to dye a rug in gradient shades that merge with the surrounding space. This is how a single item can add a dose of vibrant color to any room.

Modern Ombre Rug (8)

Consider this modern and adventurous option for your next remodel: adding an ombre rug to your shopping list. Your romantic side will be blown away by sweet colors graduating into darker or lighter shades. Choose a high-quality ombre rug for the highest trafficked areas of your home to ensure its durability and you’ll enjoy it for a much longer period.
Merging a versatile style with durable craftsmanship, quality ombre carpets are an eye-catching focal point. For example, a long hallway ending with a light-filled room would look amazing with a gradient rug showcasing the lighter color at the room’s end. It would look like a natural passage towards a heavenly, sun-filled space.

Modern Ombre Rug (3)

The textures imbue the soft gradient with carefully studied subtlety and depth. A gradual progression from shade to shade goes beautifully with the natural surroundings of a garden and panoramic views. Why not use rugs displaying cheerful color gradients progressing from lightest to darkest outdoors? A poolside visual appeal will be born and you will find that fluffiness and ombre-colored delight can also be enjoyed outdoors.
Modern Ombre Rug (13)

Creating Illusions With Ombre Rugs

Playing with perspective to create the illusion of a taller and lighter room, the Gradient Curtains and Carpet designed by Thomas Eurlings compose a surreal space that can be customized in color and fading to suit the space it needs to define. Patterns and ombre design go great together when imagined by a talented designer. Choose your rugs and surrounding colors that accentuate the natural beauty of the space and don’t be afraid of natural light.

Modern Ombre Rug (14)

A patterned floor would benefit from the presence of an ombre rug. To me it seems that designers who get the patterns just right have a natural skill and some spaces can offer a story in colors and shapes.

Modern Ombre Rug (9)

From light colors to dark ones and back, ombre rugs can be combined with bold patterns to add dimension and sophistication.

If you were to choose a room in your home to display an ombre rug, which room would it be?

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Modern Ombre Rug (4)

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Modern Ombre Rug (11)

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