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Colorful, Cheery, Youthful and Cozy: Modern Bean Bags

What is it about bean bags that makes them so popular? Is it the idea of simplicity merged with comfort? It it the bean bag’s versatility and ease of use? Maybe we like bean bag chairs because they can effortlessly create a playful atmosphere reminiscent of carefree days when lounging was not a luxury.

Modern bean bags have become more and more popular over the years, conquering any type of home and garden. This speaks about the design’s flexibility and each designer’s ability to reinterpret a simple concept into myriad of variants.

Bean Bag Chair  (1)

Some designers take on new projects involving the versatility showcased by this amazing furniture item. Reinterpreting shapes, color and textures and using different materials to create interesting ways in which we can relax and enjoy the benefits of a modern lifestyle, designers Whether we’re talking about a sleek recliner or a rounded comfy chair, bean bags have been there for students, families, singles and children alike. There are so many designs out there that it’s hard not to find the perfect bean bag chair.

Bean Bag Chair  (2)

Captivating the space with their eclectic vibe, bean bag chairs are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Rec rooms, basements, bedrooms, gardens, decks or patios – all can be adorned with a sleek bean bag chair.

Colors, textures, patterns and materials make the difference when it comes to visual appeal, but the concept behind this amazing piece of furniture is so smart that it has become a classic. Laid-back or oversized, dressed in cotton or luxurious fabrics, bean bags occupy a primary role in the comfort of their owners. Imagine a family room filled with comfortable, colorful bean bags, where generations meet in an informal space to share thoughts, feelings and experiences.

Bean Bag Chair  (3)

These comfy lounging zones where studying or reading comes natural were once just clumps of material used to explore the possibility of comfort without the practicality of visual appeal. Ingenuity has taken the old bean bag chair into the future and people appreciated the versatile nature of this simple concept.

Also preferred by children of all ages, bean bags construct a private zone where play and coziness merge. Comfort comes in a wide array of shapes, colors and materials, from bean bags shaped like photo cameras to the ones shaped like bears or sharks.

This proves that creativity + bean bags = endless possibilities.

It just takes a while until you get your priorities straight – what are you looking for in a bean bag chair?

Bean Bag Chair  (4)

Enjoy this collection of bean bag chairs – should one of them capture your attention, share your thoughts with us and the world.

Bean Bag Chair  (5)

Bean Bag Chair  (6)

Bean Bag Chair  (7)

Bean Bag Chair  (8)

Bean Bag Chair  (9)

Bean Bag Chair  (10)

Bean Bag Chair  (11)

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