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Festive Table Decor for Outdoor Entertaining

The weather is warmer, and chilly winds are turning to gentle breezes. Now is the time to maximize outdoor fun, as summer will bring its share of heat spells. But in many parts of the world, spring is perfection… Which is why people choose this time of the year to embark on a range of outdoor entertaining endeavors!

Outdoor entertaining at its finest

Today we spotlight seasonal finds that make outdoor dining a snap! And remember…just because you’re heading into the open air doesn’t mean you have to switch to disposable decor. Some people bring their beloved dishware to their outdoor tables. Not sure you want your favorite pieces to rest under the open sky? Check out this dishware, flatware and tableware that’s perfect for spring flings!

Outdoor Dishware and Placemats

When it comes to outdoor dining, melamine is a durable material that resists breakage. We’re crazy about this Lotta Melamine Plate from Crate & Barrel. The product description refers to the pattern as a “splashy graphic floral.” We couldn’t agree more!

Colorful melamine outdoor dishware

Do you prefer basic white when it comes to dinnerware? Then check out this Caterer’s 12-Piece Outdoor Dinnerware Set from Pottery Barn. This sturdy set of twelve dishes (now on sale) is both budget-friendly and high on style!

White melamine outdoor dinnerware

Enhance your dishware with weatherproof placemats. These Basketweave Placemats from CB2 come in a range of colors, including carbon, chartreuse, white, shale and hot orange.

Basketweave placemats


Outdoor Flatware

Many prefer to go with a more casual flatware when entertaining outdoors … like this Jelli Green flatware from Crate & Barrel, which features stainless steel combined with flat rubberized handles in green. Note: their softness and translucency gives them the “jelli” moniker!

Casual flatware with green handles

If green is a little too powerful for your taste, check out the Jelli Clear flatware, also from Crate & Barrel. These neutral pieces will match the dishware of your choice. Resin handles are sturdy yet stylish:

Clear resin flatware

Spring Glassware

Not all outdoor tableware is crafted of plastic! In fact, some people enjoy mixing it up when they entertain, opting for combinations such as disposable plates paired with glass drinkware. If you’re looking for glasses that represents one of today’s hottest trends, check out this Ombre Colored Glassware from West Elm. The best part: it features one of spring’s hottest colors — blue!

Ombre glassware

Not wanting to risk a break? No problem! Check out CB2’s acrylic drinkware, such as the Acrylic Martini glass shown below. A classic “V” design is a highlight, as is the super affordable price! Use this martini glass to hold its signature mixed drink, or serve a couple of scoops of dessert…

Acrylic glasses from CB2

 Serving Pieces for Outdoor Entertaining

There’s nothing like an eye-catching serving piece to present your food and drink of choice. These Leah Durner Trays from West Elm feature the artist’s colorful modern designs. A lacquered print of Durner’s original artwork decorates each tray, which can be wiped clean for easy maintenance. Perfect for serving goodies at your next outdoor event…

Modern trays for outdoor entertaining

Bring a touch of the sea to your table with this Pesce Melamine Platter from Pottery Barn. Visible brushstrokes create such striking dimension, your guests will never know the platter isn’t breakable!

Melamine platter for outdoor entertaining

Outdoor Table Embellishments

Time to jazz up your table before you have the crowd over for dinner! Top off your dishware with a couple of Pentagon Metal Vase-Planters from CB2. Their geometric style will give your table modern flair, while a design of 12 interlocking hexagons with an octagonal finish creates a truly unique presentation:

Geometric planters

Light up the night with an aqua Cube Lantern (or five), also from CB2. A steel rod frame finished in hi-gloss aqua epoxy gives this piece its form and color. Modern design at its best, don’t you think?!

Aqua cube lantern

Do you have any outdoor entertaining plans for spring? A spring break dinner with friends? An evening barbecue or soiree? Tell us about your entertaining endeavors by leaving a comment below…


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