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Magical Kids Bedrooms That Will Inspire Your Renovations

Bring the magic and wonder to a child’s bedroom near you with some fairy dust otherwise known as sweat, a tool belt and imagination and give your kids a place where dreams can come true.

Beautiful machinery inspired kids bedroom

Willy kids bedroom by AltaModa / Imagine Living

It’s bedtime and as happens in any household where your children have a strictly adhered to bedtime, there ensues many antics in the pursuit of settling a young, healthy energetic child. To convince them that sleep is essential to their wellbeing and by the time they reach your age they will crave the inhibitions worry free sleep will bring, well that’s a tough conversation that occurs every night. But giving them a room that inspires for the great things that are yet to come will make sleepy time a bit more appealing.

The Distinguished Gentle Mini Man’s Bedroom

Who says kids aren’t safe around white? Black and white tiled flooring and seating arrangements to match will turn your kids playroom and bedroom into a calming and mentally stimulating place the entire family can enjoy. Make this magic happen in your room by choosing a monochromatic color scheme. Add a few classy pops of color and let the imagination do the rest!

Kids bedroom furniture that is elegant and modern

by Leone Design Studio

Kids bedroom with black and white pattern rug
Black and white kids bedroom

by Grade

The Ergonomic Streamlined Room

Like a shoe that is designed just for your foot and can enable weight loss, muscle toning, endurance and improved running, this child’s bedroom is structurally adept at tuning your children towards the necessities of life.

Colorful girls bedroom furniture

by Matteo Bianchi Studio / Photography by Rei Moon

It’s a one size fits all furniture and architecture approach that gives your child a place to rest, play and study. Things we, as guardians and parents, will agree to being the three corners to a successful triangle of childhood. And cheers to mom with superior shelving!

Custom kids bed loft with white glossy furniture

by Millennium Cabinetry

The Imagination Station Room

Thanks to the big screen the Hundred Acre Woods, Narnia, Neverland even Hogwarts has come to life for us. But locked inside your precious child’s mind is perhaps the next great dozen dimensions and worlds. This cube shaped room will offer an outlet for your child’s creativity in chalkboard sketches, one man plays, the opportunities are endless with the cutout shapes, Lego tables, and grand stadium quality.

Disney-inspired kids bedroom

Photo: David Bromstad

Give them blankets, pillows, some stuffed animals and be amazed at the empire they will build out of this simple but profound option. And if that doesn’t work, how about a huge chalkboard that will keep paint away from your walls.

Kids bedroom with huge chalkboard

by catlin stothers design

The Ahoy Matey Room

Bring the wonders of carnivals, fairgrounds, interactive museums and the high seas home to your child with this pirate infested room. The deep blue sea is commandeered into a raging success when the furniture is above ground. From the blue walls and ceilings, the rope bridge to the pivotal vessel and jumping fish décor there is no limit to the treasures that your child can find during play or nap time. Add to this a simulated lighthouse light fixture and you are ready to set sail!

Pirate inspired kids bedroom
Nautical inspired bedroom with a boat and ladder

by Polhemus Savery DaSilva

The Extended Family Room

It’s a submarine! No, it’s an airplane! No, it’s…bunk beds? Painted in the fun, bright and festive colors of yellow and blue these double-sided bunk beds are by night the berths of your children and their cousins and by day are seating arrangements, imaginary trees and so much more.

Blue kids bedroom with bunk beds and tree

Bohemian Apartment Girl’s Bedroom by Incorporated

Custom-made modern kids bedroom furniture

by Bipède

Traditional kids bedroom with bunk beds

by Dan Nelson A.I.A. Designs Northwest Architects

From the funky polka dot rugs in racecar red, to an educational world map and cheery window seat tossed with a side of pillows this space encourages early development in learning and play. I like to imagine this would have been Ronald McDonald’s room growing up, and if you’d search hard enough you’ll find a missing apple slice from a Happy Meal.

The Green Has Never Been So Fun Room

We see green initiatives hit the news regularly that claim it’s never been easier to be green. We’re here to prove how fun green can be. These bedroom will entertain your child for many years, even into the passionate, angry, misunderstood teen years.

Kids bedroom with green colored furniture
Green themed kids bedroom
Green and lime green kids bedroom furniture
Stunning kids bedroom with green and orange

by Tracy A. Davis

Green themed kids bedroom design

by Insidesign

A stylish and modern interpretation of the writing desk, a corner nook would be perfect here. It’s a creative place to study amidst the calming, symmetrical green décor of portraits and a solid bold stripe. A multipurpose table that is in front and center could be adorned with surrounding low chairs. And for the paint to be complete, how about a futon-resembling bench in creams and green as the perfect backdrop to completing this timeless room?

Hopefully browsing these bedrooms from around the world will not only give you and your children some bonding time but will propose some hand on projects your whole family can participate in as you recreate the space that speaks to all of you most!

Momina Khan

From a very early age Momina Khan discovered her passion and talent for rearranging furniture and indulging herself with interior design. Over the years this passion has only intensified as well as her education and calling in creative writing. As a writer Momina finds Decoist a perfect environment to creating art with words on the art of DIY d[...]

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