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How to Bring Natural Light into your Dark Kitchen

Whether you are fortunate to have a large sprawling kitchen that has plenty of options for lighting, or your kitchen seems too dark to feel comfortable, you may want to consider letting in some natural light.

Natural light can come from an adjacent window, overhead skylight, or even from adjacent rooms that are open to the kitchen. It helps you see your food and preparation better and it makes you feel wonderful as you cook in your kitchen. Here are more ideas to bring in more illumination to your dark kitchen.

Make architectural changes to your kitchen to let in more light

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Architectural upgrades:

For many homes, especially ones that are older, dark kitchens are a common occurrence. While you may think you are stuck with the problem, but architectural upgrades such as skylights, atrium, and conservatory windows above your kitchen could be a viable option. Meet with an architect or a roofer and structural designer to see what options you have.

Another idea is to install solar tubes that reflect light from your roof, through a tube and into your kitchen. Especially helpful in homes that want to save money or your kitchen has an attic or another floor above the kitchen.

Add transom windows high on walls to let in natural light

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Remove drapery or opt for lighter materials:

Another simple solution to your dark kitchen could be changing your existing window treatments. If you currently have heavy materials or dark fabrics, you could be absorbing much of the natural light into the material before it illuminates your kitchen. Lighter materials such as cotton, linen, and sheer materials are wonderful for letting in sunlight. If you have a room that doesn’t demand privacy – consider losing the drapery all together.

Kitchens that look out over a scenic view – especially on the backside of a home are ideal for removing window treatments.

Remove dark window coverings

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Bring in light creatively:

Other ways to bring in light are letting adjacent rooms shine light into your kitchen. Double-sided cabinetry with glass doors are a great example. Many kitchens use a bank of upper and lower cabinetry to divide a dining room from the main kitchen. Glass cabinetry doors can creatively bring light into your inner kitchen without having to sacrifice a window wall in the process.

Creatively bring light through glass front-and-back cabinetry

Image via: Plato Woodwork – via

Kitchen pendant lighting ideas

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Make good use from what your kitchen currently has:

If you’re trying to keep costs down in letting in natural light, why note re-paint your kitchen cabinets white or a lighter shade? Also consider adding lighting fixtures that will compliment natural light. While natural light is essential in the daytime, once night falls – varied lighting is essential. From ambient lighting overhead to task lighting for countertops and kitchen bar seating, adding more light to your dark kitchen can be easier than you once thought.

Bright painted kitchen cabinets


White painted kitchen cabinets for a bright room

Image NVS Remodeling & Design: via

Use these easy tips for bringing more light into your gloomy kitchen. Often times you may have thought you needed a kitchen makeover. Once you bring more natural light into your kitchen, you may discover that was the problem all along!

Ronique Gibson

Ronique Gibson is an Associate Architect and a LEED Accredited Professional, who has been in the architectural and interior design industry for over 13 years. Her architectural background has lent to years of hands on experience with homeowners, construction, and helping people love their homes. Ronique’s passion for finding inspiring and easy[...]

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