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Adding Pressed Tin Into Your Home Decor

Pressed tin is a beautiful way to add a little touch of charm to your home, and can be a relatively inexpensive method of changing the entire look of a room. For decades, people have chosen tin ceilings as a way to pump up the décor of their kitchen spaces, but recently we’ve begun to see pressed tin in various other areas of the home as well.

In fact, pressed tin isn’t just for ceilings anymore!

Stylish pressed tin kitchen backsplash

by Jill Wolff Interior Design / Bel Air Photography

Here are a few ways in which you can utilize pressed tin ceiling tiles throughout other areas of your home:


A kitchen backsplash holds a whole world of interesting décor options. From glass tiles mosaics to marble slabs, concrete, painted ceramic and many other materials, there are numerous opportunities. However, pressed tin can give your home the vintage feel you crave and can match nearly any countertop style and color you can imagine.

Stylish kitchen backsplash with pressed tin

Courtesy of Life and Style at OZ

Silver colored pressed tin for kitchen backsplash
by Goforth Gill Architects
Golden pressed tin kitchen backsplash

by Charlie Allen Restorations


Pressed tin ceiling tiles range in style just as much as they range in price – you may find that your favorite tile is much more than you’re looking to spend, and may not be willing to invest in dozens.

Gaming room with pressed tin ceiling

by BedBrock Developers

Stylish loft with pressed tin ceiling

by Rodriguez Studio Architecture PC

Grey pressed tin ceiling in white kitchen

by Kuche+Cucina / Photo: Peter Rymwid

Pressed tin ceiling with recessed lighting

by DeGeorge Ceilings Flooring and Custom Cabinetry

Pressed tin ceiling in the kitchen

by Jane Kelly, Designer for Airoom

Full ceiling furnished with pressed tin tiles

by Artisan Kitchens LLC

If you’d like to add the look of pressed tin to your home, but don’t want an overwhelming amount of metal covering an entire surface, you may want to use just one large tile as a piece of wall art. Ornate vintage ceiling tiles can be a bit pricey, but if you’re only using one piece than it brings down the price tremendously.


Pressed tin pendant for the attic

(courtesy of discoverattic)

 If you’ve got a tendency to get involved in DIY home projects, then you may want to consider pressed tin ceiling tiles as a new medium. You can easily cut your tiles to size and glue them to the tops of coffee tables, bedside stands or chair backs. A tutorial how to do this – pressing the tin — can be found here.

DIY tin pressed table
Stylish pressed tin panels in different colors as wall art

by Cecile Lozano Interiors

Add a few tiles to the fronts of cupboards and cabinets for a unique touch. You’ll be amazed at how much a few pieces of tin can spice up your home.

Carrie Dagenhard

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