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22 Bathroom Vanity Lighting Ideas to Brighten Up Your Mornings

While the designing of your bathroom might not always be the first thing that springs to mind when planning for a new home, it is essential to ensure that it looks like a natural extension of the remainder of your home; both in its theme and in its makeup. Compromising on the quality of bathroom fixtures can often lead to disastrous results and irrespective of whether you have plenty of space on offer or limited amount of room, it is important to make the best use of what is on offer.

Custom crafted vanity in dark tones balances visually the soft and glowing lighting around

A gorgeous bathroom vanity can often redefine the look of your entire bath area and with the amount of variety currently on offer when it comes to bathroom vanities; it is almost unpardonable not to incorporate one into the design of your own home. Add to these beautiful vanities some amazing lighting and you have an attractive and at times astonishing outcome that offers a whole new dimension to your interiors.

Exquisite bathroom vanity in dark tones complements the pristine white backdrop

by Chalet

Classic bathroom vanity with stylish pendant lights offer a vintage look

by Artistic Designs for Living

Clean and minimal vanity design lit up in a stunning fashion
Contemporary bathroom with elaborate vanity design lit up fashionably

Let There Be Some Sparkling Light!

No matter whether you are discussing the design of your living room or your bedroom, the kitchen space of the dining area of your house, the indisputable fact remains that lighting can pretty much make or break the look of each room. This is equally true for your bathroom and by ensuring that the lighting options around your bathroom vanity are ideal, you enhance its beauty several fold.

An open vanity design illuminated by gorgeous pendant lights

by ZAK Architecture

Smart lighting eliminates the dark corners, creates ambient lighting in the right fashion and offers you the modern and relaxing atmosphere you seek for your bath area.

Ambient lighting and warm hues enhance the richness of this cream colored bathroom vanity
Breathtaking lighting and beautiful vanity give this bathroom a relaxing and refreshing atmosphere

by Design By Lisa

Cool Design and clean lines give this bathroom vanity a minimalist look
Effervescent contemporary bathroom vanity design is perfect for the chic home

by David Howell Design

Appearances are Undeniably Deceptive

With most modern apartment spaces and homes being cramped for room, often it is the smart use of color, shades and lighting that can truly create a sense of airy and open interiors.

Floating vanity along with ample use of glass give this master bath a spa-like feel

by Architectural Homes by Anders Inc

While bathroom vanity units themselves help in this regard by ensuring that they hide away all the mess and give the bathroom a clean and well defined look, interesting lighting choice can accentuate this aspect of the design and give the interiors a far more refined and tasteful appeal.

Light cherry wood vanity with white countertop and sidelights on the mirror

by awarchitect

A merger of smart vanity units that is ideal for the individual space and sophisticated lighting with elegant placement is the perfect combination that brings the best out of your bathroom.

Extensive bathroom vanity design with a modern look
Floating vanity and sink design along with LED strip lighting bring a touch of class

by 186 Lighting Design Group

Gorgeous bathroom vanity enhanced with smart use of serene lighting
Marble flooring, chandeliers and tasteful cabinets make this bathroom truly indulgent


Mirror, Mirror On the Wall!


Mirrors with side lighting and sober tones give this master bath a dark look

by Benning Design Associates

Never forget the mirrors above the vanity units, which also play an essential role in not just defining the look of the entire bathroom, but also enhance the existing lighting installations and their effect several fold. With technology offering new innovations like strip-LED lighting that can be tucked away next of the floating vanity units or even around the mirrors, the options are truly endless when it comes to creating perfectly ambient atmosphere that is both visually appealing and ergonomically charming.

Modern bathroom vanity design with stunning use of mirrors and lighting above it

by Seura

At the end of the day it is essential to remember that only the ideal marriage between bathroom vanity units and lighting elements can create the wonderful and flawless look that you are searching for. It is all about balance, elegance and innovation.

Sleek and stylish modern bathroom vanity sparkles thanks to well placed lighting

by Old World Kitchens & Custom Cabinets

Stylish and ergonomic vanity design perfect for the modern bathrooms
Traditional bathroom vanity design in rich color
White countertop and dark cabinetry make this bathroom vanity stylish and beautiful

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