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3 Eco-friendly Materials for Home Renovations

Renovating or remodeling a home requires some pretty serious decision making skills. From color schemes and textures to shapes, materials and much more – most homeowners spend more time actually planning for their renovation than the entire project actually lasts.

Home office remodeling with tile carpet on the floor


However, renovating your home also provides you with the unique opportunity to not only make better decisions regarding style – but also energy efficiency and environmental health. Not to mention, choosing from eco-friendly home materials helps you to narrow down the list.

Here are three popular eco-friendly home materials for your remodel:

RECYCLED GLASS COUNTERTOPS – Everyone has fallen in love with the classy appearance of stone countertops – especially marble and granite. However, quarrying and engineering these materials aren’t exactly friendly on the environment. To achieve the same look, consider recycled glass counters. These beautiful and sustainable countertops are usually fashioned from recycled jars and bottles, and give your home a luxurious and unique touch.

Sleek kitchen recycled glass countertops

by Howells Architecture + Design / photo by Matt Niebuhr

Recycled glass countertops for the home add style

by In Detail Interiors

Modern bathroom recycled glass countertop

by Gleicher Design Group

CORK FLOORING – Polished wood flooring looks great, but isn’t exactly the most sustainable option. However, cork flooring is a great alternative. In addition to being moisture, fire and mold resistant, it’s also derived from the bark of cork oak trees without requiring the tree to be chopped down. Cork can be laid in a variety of patterns and will give your home added character and charm.

Stylish grey cork flooring for a modern living room

by Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech / project for architect Michal schein

Cork flooring is an inexpensive options to hardwood floors

by Cornerstone Architects / Photography by Allison Cartwright

Kitchen cork flooring

by Burton Architecture

Traditional kitchen with cork flooring

by Archipelago Hawaii, refined island designs

CARPET TILES – Area rugs are a necessary investment for nearly every home, but its east to become bored with the style or pattern. Modular carpet tiles, however, allow homeowners to mix and match tiles into various designs. You can rearrange or add tiles at any time, and most manufacturers also have a recycling program. Best of all, they’re made in energy efficient facilities and often made from recycled materials. Carpet tends to feel much softer when you know it came from a healthy place.


Child room with green carpet tile rug


Laundry room with stylish grey carpet tiles

by Jodie Rosen Design

Colorful carpet tile for the living room

by Watermark & Company / Photography by John R Rogers.

Home office with striped carpet tiles

by Shryne Design

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