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Inspiring Built-in Bookshelves For More Functional Storage

Apart from using bookshelves as storage for your books, they also serve the purpose of being a display space for most of your home’s accessories. With the built-in bookshelves however, you get more functional storage space than you ever bargained for.

While they are designed for storing books and other items like photos, décor items, plants and crafts which can be placed at the top of the shelves, they are also attractive and could serve as focal point in the hallway, bedroom or even the living room. With various styles available in the construction of built-in bookshelves, you are sure to find a design that fits your personality and storage needs.

Built in bookshelves work well in hallways on “unused walls”

Image: Randy O’Rourke – via

Modern office with built-in bookshelves

by The Interior Place (S) Pte Ltd

Below are some inspiring built-in bookshelves that will offer you more functional storage space without taking up more space than necessary.


Depending on your choice or personality, you might choose to go with a built-in bookshelf constructed in your bedroom with natural wood like cherry or oak. You can even enhance the overall look of the shelf by installed spotlights or recessed lighting above the shelves. This way, you are able to easily make out the titles of the books on the shelves while also showcasing the bookshelf.

Bedroom with built-in bookshelf
by Martha O’Hara Interiors
Display books beautifully without taking up additional space

Image: Tim Lee Photography via

Living Rooms:

In most living rooms with built-in bookshelves, you will find out that they are usually designed in such corners that they flank the fireplace. In its design, the depth of the bookshelf matches the extension of the mantel from the wall. Depending on what you want, your bookshelf can be built to extend up to the ceiling and cover that side of the wall where it is built. You can also have your shelf painted to match with the color scheme of your home.

Modern reading room with built-in shelves

by Sheri Olson Architecture PLLC

Built-in bookshelves create a personalized space

Image: Arch SF – via

Create a built-in bookshelf area for your book collections

Image: Rob Karosis – via


This works just fine if you are having issues of space in your home. Instead of letting that wall in the hallway waste just like that, you can construct a built-in bookshelf on it and turn it into a useful storage space. Apart from being functional, it will also add visual appeal to your hallway. For more fragile decors, you can place them at the top of the shelf, out of the reach of the little ones in the home.

Hallway bookshelf ideas

Image: Morse Constructions – via

Hallway with built-in shelves

by Koch Architects (Joanne Koch)

Built-in bookshelves can add a lot of style and dimension to your home while also serving as additional storage for your books and space for some of your decor items. And better still, it adds something to the resale value of the home just in case you decide to sell. However, you should know that once built-in bookshelves are installed, it is not easy to make further changes to the space.

Library design with built-in shelves

by Rockefeller Partners Architects / Photography: Eric Staudenmaier

Traditional library design with built-in bookshelves

by Ernesto Garcia Interior Design

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