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40 Inspirational Home Bar Design Ideas For A Stylish Modern Home

Contemporary homes are all about incorporating every little detail that is to the taste of those who live in them. When it comes to creating a complete modern home that is perfect in every sense, the likes of home office ideas, smart media rooms and game rooms seem to be an absolute must.

A popular addition to that lineup which seems to be gaining momentum more than before is a cool home bar — they certainly seem like an appropriate upgrade to ponder about at home.

Exquisite use of color and decor bring this home bar to life

Why go somewhere else for a bit of intoxicated fun when you can have it all at your own residence? That is precisely what this collection of simple, elegant and at times easy to create home bar designs offer. Dive in to pick a design that you think is best for your own home and perfectly fits all your party needs.

Basement Bar with a funky and vivid theme from the 70s
A classic creation for those who love a wooden atmosphere
Ambient lighting and a pink pool table bring in a unique look
Awesome home bar encased in stone
Beautifully lit counter steals the show here!
Bright Neon Lights give this home bar a retro look
Built for those who love to flaunt their intoxicating passion
Compact home bar with cozy seating options
Craftily concealed home bar almost give you a slip

Fun times flowing at home

Creative and vivacious pendant lights give this home bar an exclusive look

Modern lifestyle is such that most of us tend to have very little time to spare, even if it is on the weekends and at times some of us might not really have enough zest to drive around to our favorite pub after a really long and tiring day. The Home bar offers the perfect solution by ensuring that you are never too far away from a drink and the best part of course, is that you can always invite your buddies over at any time and would never have to worry about being a good host.

Daft little home bar ideal for smaller spaces

A home bar also at times can help you out with a few of your business needs as you can always invite clients over to show them a good time as you negotiate a few deals over drinks in the privacy of your own house.

Dark and rich home bar in red cherry
Elaborate design for a contemporary home bar in neutral hues
Elegant home bar with pleasing colors and form
Ergonomic Home bar tucked away nicely next to the living space
Extravagant home bar detailed in attractive red and black hues
Futuristic home bar employs red and white
Gorgeous home bar tries to incorporate a bit of Vegas charm!
Home bar for those who love their sports and drinks

Bring back the good old times

Home Bar template for those who have some room to spare

Nostalgia is a very funny thing as it can sometimes gloss over the less comfortable and pleasant details and leaves most of us wanting to travel back in time to those so called good ol’ times when it was all jolly and simple. You can bring back your own favorite pub from your college days or that regular hangout you miss so much by recreating a similar atmosphere with your own home bar.

Home Bar with pool table attempts to recreate a pub atmosphere

Some bright neon signs and a few arcade gaming machines should help in fashioning a retro themed home bar to your exact liking.

Ingenious home bar merges the classic design with modern setting
Minimalist home bar form for the contemporary home
Modern home bar with pristine white seating options and countertop
Organized home bar with warm lighting
Perfect use of stone to create a classic home bar
Plenty of natural ventilation greet this gracefully designed home bar
Poker table replaces the popular pool table at this home bar
Simple home bar design placed under the staircase

Drive back to your bedroom in 10 seconds!

Sleek home bar setting perfect for the modern home

This might sound a bit too preachy to a few, but drunk driving is one of the biggest reasons why accidents happen on the road and if you have had one too many drinks, most often you need someone else to drive you back home. Enter a home bar into the scene and you are simply never too far away from your bed. Not only does this make the roads safer for others, but puts you out of any potential run-ins with the law as well.

Small home bar that fits in seamlessly with the rest of the house

From a party at home that simply rocks, to not having to worry about driving back home, a home bar offers plenty of advantages that go way beyond the aesthetics of it. From the classic to the contemporary, retro to futuristic, you can opt for a design that fits your house best and then fill it with the best intoxicating delights of your choice.

Space conscious home bar closes up into a cabinet
Sports themed home bar clubbed with the perfect entertainment center
Stylish and savvy home bar is an absolute visual treat
Traditional Home Bar design nestled in a corner
Transparent Vapor Bar Stools and Brilliant lighting help this home bar dazzle
Uber sleek Japanese Modern Home Bar
Vintage home bar for those who love the good old days
Warmly lit home bar for those who love to indulge in the excess

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