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Creative Toddler Bedding Ideas for your Child

In every toddler’s life, there will always be that stage when they move from sleeping in a crib to sleeping in a bed. Since there is no set age for this transformation, it is important that you follow your child’s lead, especially when the child learns to climb out of the crib, to decide it is time to make that move. With the creative toddler bedding ideas below, it is surely going to be fun for you and your child.

Use these tips to choose the perfect toddler bed

 Image: Ikea

Traditional Crib-like toddler bed:

This could be the first move from your child’s crib to toddler bed. This wooden bed has railings to keep the child safe while he or she sleeps. There is space for the child to easily climb down on his or her own and also climb back into bed. This type of bedding does not pose any safety hazards to your child, especially if such child is already potty trained and can go to the bathroom on his or her own, both at night and in the daytime.

Choose a toddler bed that will grow with your child

Image: Em Design Interiors – via

Modern versatility:

With this type of crib, you don’t have to worry much about helping your child transition from crib to toddler bed. This is mainly because the child will still see the bed as the same furniture he or she has been sleeping on. This type of bed should be durable and low so that the child does not sustain injuries in the case of a fall, especially during the initial time that the child is learning to use the toddler bed.

Modern toddler bed idea

Image: Eisner Design – via

Update your child’s room with a modern toddler bed

Image: Four Walls and a Roof – via


Choose a bed that is safe for your child:

If your child is a restless sleeper and tumbles all night while lying in his or her crib, you can go for a big toddler bed with detachable side rails. Also, the bed should be very close to the floor and where possible, there should be thick rug on the room’s floor to minimize the impact in case of a fall. When the child gets older, the rail can be detached and you have a full toddler bed for the growing child.You are sure to get this type of bed in various styles, sizes and heights, depending on your child. Some come very simple and fine while others are elaborately designed with mini-railings towards the head.

toddler bed traditional
Choose the ideal toddler bed for your growing child

Image: Kay Loves Vintage – via

Whichever option you choose, whether modern, eclectic, vintage or traditional, always make sure that you settle for a toddler bed that suits your child. There are convertibles that easily transform to toddler beds just as there are full and regular size beds. You can let the child make a choice of the sheets and blankets he or she likes.

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