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Eight Essentials to Making a Bachelor Pad Truly Yours

Crusty white and very stained crew socks dangling from the light fixture. Garbage outlining the trash can like an overinflated chalk outline of a dead body. A refrigerator filled only with condiments. Empty hangers replaced by overflowing hampers -otherwise known as the floor. Bulgy couch cushions hiding a months worth of collectibles.

Ah, and the smell. Raw fish, sweat and mildew combined gym bag, high index of Old Spice (emphasis on old) and cheese encrusted 7-day-old anchovies topped off from an equally ancient pizza. And despite this being a pet free apartment somehow the distinct odor of wet dog has seeped in?

Modern bachelor pad with low couch and coffee table with rug

by usona

Welcome to the Bachelors Pad

If you marked an x off of all of the above then it’s time you take a moment to start you own checklist. One that will turn your living quarters from the over clichéd yet too truthful quintessential bachelor pad and make it uniquely yours, set under undeniable bachelor standards with undeniable good design.

Manly bachelor pad with a fabulous interior design

The Beach Club in Hallendale, Florida / by DKOR Interiors

Here’s what it’s going to take —

1. Sturdy coffee table

Low coffee table in a cozy bachelor pad

by John Maniscalco Architecture

This is your dining table, your workspace, your office, your storage unit, your dry goods open cabinet. This is the hub of your activity and the central station for diversity through pizza boxes, Chinese cartons and the relaxed pose of crossed ankles, heels dug deep in the grain of your table. You need a coffee table that can withstand the pressure.

2. A non-futon seating arrangement

Elegant bachelor pad with leather couch and tall ceilings

by Benning Design Associates

Around this edifice should be a seating arrangement that come out of town overnight crashers, after party hosting or just Sunday game day will accommodate with comfort, style and versatility. A sectional sofa will afford you all these requirements and more!

3. Gadget stocked (or cars) space

Sleek garage flooring and a clean space make it highly attractive

Garage design by Debbie R. Gualco

A hand held vacuum as well as a iRobot vacuum that does the work for you will be your VIP players the night before and after a party as you scramble to clean. Other great items to host is a sleek espresso machine that will enable you to feature your barista apron. And for the living room a universal remote control. Filling your space with time saving luxury items deserves a brownie point or two, wouldn’t you say? Finish off with some surround sound to remind your neighbors life exists on the other side of their wall.

4. Linens and things

Keep your bedroom clean and crispy – you may need it …

by Nicole Hollis / Ben Mayorga Photography

Being messy, smelly and disorganized may seem the rite of passage to being a bona fide bachelor, but believe it or not this approach to living is unappealing and unattractive. Being clean and having extra clean stuff on hand is a very impressive trait to cultivate. Invest in white linens and bath towels as you can easily bleach them giving your guests a crisp and clean impression.

5. Art-work lined walls

Art work on the ceiling above the bed to impress her … Brilliant!

by estudio gutman lehrer

Sports paraphernalia may seem like the most natural element to decorate with but be more acceptant of world history, travel and the masters by choosing something that won’t evoke fistfights when their opposition of a team is hung proudly on your wall. Thanks to artists who have embraced typography, sculptures and eclectic approaches you will be sure to find a piece or assortment of pieces that fit your style.

6. Conversational interactive collection

Stunning bachelor pad bedroom with polished flooring

by Jeffrey King Interiors

Books, magazine, records, CD’s, DVD’s, any of these will give your guests something to entertain themselves with. Make sure you have them in an easily accessible spot that will invite your friends and family to partake. A haphazard stack can be very intimidating so invest in common household item: shelving. But make it yours and find something unique depending on the vibe you want to create. Be it southwestern, universal, modern, edgy, soft, make the shelf and your collection a proud statement and something to look forward to.

7. A room with a view

Modern sleek bachelor pad with a view

by A Good Chick To Know / courtesy of Vincent KH Lee

Furniture is good and all to look at, to sit and lean upon but even if the view is a parking lot, that parking lot view is going to let in natural light. To keep you space as masculine as possible without compromising on creature comforts, blinds as your window treatments will be a simple solution. They will emphasize the existence of windows with security, privacy and convenience. The best way to choose the appropriate and harmonizing color and material is to match it to your floor.

8. Walkable party floor

Vibrant colors and warm textures in a loft-like place

by Ted Maines Interiors

Coincidentally the floor needs not only match your personality and hue but your lifestyle and traffic congestion as well. For a bold or elegant look try Black oak or if you want to keep it light and fresh try the dependable Macrocapra flooring. These can stand the test of time and dancing shoes. They can bear the tread of your bike as you roll it across the floor before hanging up and for all the spills bound to happen, they would be forgiving.

Once you have successfully checked off this eight point list you can pitch your DVD copy of Failure to Launch and live it up. Turn your espresso machine on and update your tweet with an invitation to your new and improved livable, loveable bachelor iPad.

Momina Khan

From a very early age Momina Khan discovered her passion and talent for rearranging furniture and indulging herself with interior design. Over the years this passion has only intensified as well as her education and calling in creative writing. As a writer Momina finds Decoist a perfect environment to creating art with words on the art of DIY d[...]

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