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DIY Rustic Christmas Tree Stand Brings an Eco-friendly Holiday Cheer to Your Home

With Christmas just a few days away, most of us busy in ensuring that the final little things fall into place for the perfect holidays. For some that could mean confirming tickets, going over travel plans, booking the perfect room at that dream luxury hotel and experiencing a week of lavishness and for others it is a time to prep up the house, light it up gorgeously and get that Christmas tree all set to steal the show.

Since, no matter what you choose to do, a beautiful and perfect Christmas tree should light up your holidays like nothing else, here is a wonderful little project by Stephen Loidolt and Shauna Alterio, that helps you make it look all the more authentic.

The rustic Christmas tree stand is pretty simple to create and the hardest part of it is probably going out into the woods nearby and finding an old tree stump. Once you do find one, you are pretty much on your way, as all you need to do is take it back home, drill a hole in it the size of your Christmas tree center post and then insert it inside.

That is pretty much as simple as that instead of buying an expensive little plastic Christmas tree stand at the nearest mall, you can this time get something natural, cool and will give you a whole lot more of personal satisfaction. Apart from the lovely rustic look that it offers, you need not worry about ‘eco consequences’ as well; you are not actually chopping down a tree for it! Give it a shot and you will find it to be a fun little project. [found on: curbly]

Sherry Nothingam

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