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Contemporary Apartment in Ukraine With Stylish Furniture & Purple Hues by Eno Getiashvili

When we think of lovely modern apartments that bring in perfectly matched contemporary interiors and sleek décor, most often it is a space that is largely clad in crisp neutral colors and borrows lavishly from the two ends of the color spectrum- black and white. That seems to be the growing trend across the globe and even those generally opting for the brighter and far more vivid shades ensure that they stay confined to the walls of the bedrooms. But that is definitely not the case with this brilliant and bubbly apartments pace that we have stumbled upon in Odessa, the fifth largest city in Ukraine.

The lovely 1,184 square foot apartment space was designed by Eno Getiashvili and if you have just laid upon the current revamped version in its purple and violet shades, then it would indeed be difficult for you to believe that this was once a cluttered space with very little organization. The transformation is indeed a treat for the sore eyes as it employs both out-of-the-box designs with existing design principles to create a unique and appealing home that we would all be glad to call our home.

Apart from the dramatic use of color in the living room, the rest of the home still employs a largely white backdrop, but that is tastefully mixed with hues of black, blue and brown for different rooms to create a distinctive look.

The white brick wall design behind the television in the living room and the message of ‘love, joy, success and smile’ being spread around beautifully across the kitchen wall make for a lovely contrast and great conversation starters! Add to it smart lighting and ergonomic furnishings and this Ukrainian apartment is both classy and complete.

Photos by: Roman Isaykov / via HomeDSGN

Sherry Nothingam

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