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Creating an Indoor Luxury Spa Room at Home

After nearly a year of deliberation I have decided what I want for my next upcoming birthday: A minimum of two hours at the spa followed by an equal amount of time receiving a pedicure and manicure. Considering the lists of my childhood that were compiled pre-Christmas and birthday I am proud of myself for keeping it simple and attainable as well as conduced to one line.

Home spa design idea

(Image by GentSide)

But that’s not to say your wish list should be comprised with the same one sentence. No, my homeowners, I urge you to dream bigger. To take this several steps forward and to pencil in some new arrangements to your blue plan that will help make everyday a celebration that will rival the timeless joy of birthdays.

Luxurious home spa room

Omni La Mansión del Rio Hotel – via visitsanantonio.com

Why make a short one-day appointment at the Spa, when you can indulge in this fantasy every day, anytime and include your friends and family as well, when your wish list is a Spa Room within the confines of your own home.

I understand that this may take some courage to approach your significant other as well as your mutual savings account, so that’s why I’m here. I’m doing the dirty work for you by preparing the essentials to an at home spa. Follow this list, print it out for your banker if you have to, and find the sweet release of relaxing in luxury at home. Ready?

1. Neutral Pastel Tones

Luxury home spa with neutral colors
Modern home spa with neutral pastel colors

The objective of any spa is to relieve tension and allow your mind, body and soul to relax under the ministrations of a professional human or that of products like water and masks. To enable this choose your main color to be something that relaxes you as you dim the lights in preparation of sleeping muscle induction. (Images courtesy of Mandarin Oriental & Ivan Zhurba)

2. Waterworks

Luxurious home spa with wooden furnished walls and waterworks
Stunning home spa with flowing water over the rocks

You don’t want a bath, jet, or whirlpool tub. You want a small portion of the hot springs to be included in your mortgage. To do this you need to think big by thinking small pool. Whether you climb into it, or step down into it, make sure it has seating in it that will accommodate the most natural relaxing pose near the thermostat and other adjusting nobs. Also have this stationed near a privacy enabled, sunshine streaming window and give yourself a chance for some Vitamin D. (Images courtesy of Guncast Pools and Shehan Pools)

3. Tile Floor and Walls

Lavish home spa design with wooden walls and sleek floors
Faraway indoor pool SPA
Spa at Le Royal Monceau Hotel

Easy to use, easy to clean, and beautiful to look upon as you find your eyes drifting shut. Again keep to calming tones. A deep blue tile floor and chair rail height wall will lull you into a sense of security and will be resistant to your amass of wet towels, spilled chocolate face mask and the wax of your lavender scented candles. (Images by Archiproducts, Le Voyage Creation & Vogue)

4. Lounge Chairs

Modern home indoor pool with comfy lounge
Indoor swimming pool design with comfy lounge chairs

When you see the completion of your room you will be overtaken with strong selfishness and desire to keep this space to yourself. But the beauty and strength that will be resolved and gained from this room will multiply when shared. With small side tables accenting each lounge chair create an intimate seating arrangement that once you sash your white terry cloth robe and tie your hair back with the same quality will embrace you and your friends in love. Choose an ergonomic design that will be beneficial to your spine and posture even while lying on you back. (Images courtesy of FreePixels.comDavid Churchill – Architectural Photographer)

5. Massage Table

The massage table is a great addition to your small luxurious spa room

Once you are done lying on you back, it’s time to flip over onto your stomach on a massage table. Let your face fall in the pillow frame. (Masseuse not included.) You only one or two of these as this part of your spa does require an extra set of hands. Thank your significant other for allowing you this room in place of his or her office in the home by choosing tow tables and hiring a couples massage. The tension of loan negotiations will be erased for at least several hours if not permanently. (Image courtesy of SuncaniHvar)

6. Separate Bathroom Amenities

Spa room design idea
Beautiful indoor swimming pool with spa like appeal

This should definitely be an exclusive side door entrance that can only be accessed through the spa, but in no way should be open and visible while in the spa. Sometimes in the pursuit of luxury we forgo practicality. Do. Not. Fall. Under. This. Spell. You will regret it. For more privacy in the adjacent bathroom, closet the toilet in a separate area. (Images courtesy of Garret Cord Werner & John Kraemer & Sons (Photography: Landmark Photography))

7. Stylish Storage

Stylish at home spa room with contemporary amenities

Lastly we need a place where we can display our amass of snow white rolled towels, jars of honey, cucumber eye masks, robes for out of town guest, the list goes on. The joy of your home spa will be short lived if the essential ingredients are void or disappearing with no thought of being restocked.This shelving should be open, to continue the open sense of a spa room. Make it cohesive and keep it maintained and it will easily stay an attractive section of your spa. (Image by DesRosiers Architects)

Once you have placed the last bottle on the shelf, and rolled the last towel, it’s your time to enjoy. Light your essence sticks, grab one of those five star robes and participate hands on in your new home addition. I look forward to reading the positive reviews and feedback of your home spa! Enjoy!

Momina Khan

From a very early age Momina Khan discovered her passion and talent for rearranging furniture and indulging herself with interior design. Over the years this passion has only intensified as well as her education and calling in creative writing. As a writer Momina finds Decoist a perfect environment to creating art with words on the art of DIY d[...]

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