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Roche Bobois – L’Art de Vivre

“Roche Bobois would like to teach you the art of living,” that was the initial title for this article. However, after a coffee and a butter croissant, it struck me; I realized that saying it in English would only spoil the charm and the pureness of hearing it in French: L’Art de Vivre. It sounds so complicated, yet so easy. It sounds so sophisticated, yet so simple.

Living (a good life) is indeed an art, and high-end furniture company Roche Bobois — who is renowned for their ultra-contemporary chic style — wants to make sure that the experience will be nothing short of stunning. Their latest TV commercial, directed by Christian Larson, puts things in a whole new perspective. And it’s not because of the beautiful French girls, but actually because it’s fun and because good design always gets to people’s heart. Afterall, it does encapsulate the free spirit of the French … J’adore!

Check out the video and some designs by Roche Bobois that will surely inspire.

Roche Bobois Furniture Inspiration

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