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Comfy Home Theater Seating Ideas to Pamper Yourself

Modern homes have gone way beyond just sporting a lavish living space, stylish bedrooms, elegant bathrooms, an ergonomic kitchen and a guest room or two to go along. Home owners now want contemporary structures to not just serve the basic needs with the bare minimum, but double up as entertainment hubs that sport luxurious patios which host evening parties, cool game rooms where an entire family can have a fun evening and a media room that offers a genuine and authentic home theater experience.

While most tend to think long and hard about the theme of the modern home theater room that they intend to make a part of their home and the kind of electronics and technology inside, many forget its most essential aspect; seating!

Comfortable and laid back seating arrangements with the right material can make a huge difference both in aesthetics and in ergonomics. Here are 5 media room settings that provide innovative and plush seating ideas —

Ergonomic home theater setting with a lovely Togo Sofa

With multiple density foam constructions and quilted covers, this striking and luxurious Togo Sofa is one of those perfect home theater accessories for all who intend to portray a modern look with a dash of bold color that will liven up the whole atmosphere. The unique shape and relaxed form ensures you can lay back and enjoy a lazy afternoon with glee. [by John Lum Architecture, Inc. AIA ]

Gorgeous Purple cushions go great with a vivacious home theater setting

If you happen to enjoy the presence of some dashing purple in your home theater setting, then here is a wonderful option that provides ample seating space and fits in with almost any kind of home theater setting. Enjoy the cushioned comfort as you crunch away on your pop corn and refresh with a chilling beverage or two! [by Suite 102]

Lavish home theater in blue and brown with plush decor

This sumptuous home theater is filled with color and character and seating space that is grand, cozy and looks inviting. The giant turquoise blue couch could simply double-up as a relaxing bed as well for those who love to cuddle in for a night of romantic flicks and hot chocolate at hand! There is also additional seating space and the rich interiors are an added treat. [ by Pampa Tiles USA]

Stylish modern home theater with versatile seating plan

Here is a media room with versatile seating arrangement that seems perfect for everyone around. If you love a picnic on the floor then you can simply use the low armrests with the cozy pillows to settle in for a fun evening and if you find the floor a bit too rigid, then you can simply switch back on to the couch behind. A sleek and clean design with well defined lines perfect for contemporary homes with shades of minimalism [by Rockefeller Partners Architects]

Theater styled media room with built-in dining bar

Media room designed for the Magnifico Residence is perfect for those who love to throw around a party or two. Not only is there a great theater like setting with inviting seating at the front, but a dining bar at the back simply revs up the charm of this place. From exciting Super Bowl weekends to a lovely intimate weekend; this design can serve them all! [by b+g design inc.]

Sherry Nothingam

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