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How to Decorate with an Old Hollywood Style

The glitz, the glamour and big time drama – Hollywood has long been known as a place where dreams are brought to life through the lens of a camera and wealthy actors live lavishly. From Marilyn and Audrey to Bogart and Bacall, the homes and movie sets of some of the most famous entertainment icons in history were created or influenced by designers like Dorothy Draper and William Haines. They lived over the top and, often, in ways that were anything but practical – but that’s showbiz for you.

Stunning living room with Hollywood flair

by Michael Kelley Photography

Although you may not be a multi-million dollar earning silver screen star, that doesn’t mean you can’t add at least a little bit of old school Hollywood style to your humble home. Here are a few helpful hints —

Hollywood flair living area

Interior Design + Architectural Photographer Barry Grossman Photography

Learn from the pros

The old, midcentury Hollywood style we’ve all come to know and love is actually a combination of many décor movements including neoclassical and art deco. In many ways, it was a style marked by other styles. Much like the homes of the Ancient Greek and Roman royalty, every piece of décor is beautiful, detailed and could function as a work of art all on its own.

Streamline modern and fresh home – Hollywood style

by DKOR Interiors

Hollywood style living room

by AMW Design Studio

Hollywood bedroom decorating idea

by Jamie Laubhan-Oliver

Use high drama

A giant hanging chandelier, a large faux fur rug, a stylized bronze lion perched upon a table and an ornate chaise lounge perfectly arranged for a graceful fainting scene – all of these items would look out of place alone. However, together they create the sort of dramatic effect cultivated best by old Hollywood.

Hollywoode design – Contemporary living room

by Shakúff

Hollywood style kitchen decor

by Chipper Hatter Architectural Photographer

White Hollywood style home

by Winder Gibson Architects

Make the color count

Although the black-and-white films we use for inspiration may not convey color usage, color was extremely important in the Hollywood Regency style. Royal blues, bright reds, polished golds and emerald greens – jewel tones hint at the majestic feel movie stars wished to invoke. After all, who wouldn’t want to feel like royalty?


Colorful accents in a rather contemporary retro living room

by Eminent Interior Design

Dark and elegant dining room with plenty of bold patterns

by Mary Prince

An amazing living room set in blue aquamarine and orange as bold colors

by Chris Barrett Design

A very bold bedroom decor in white and red with rich textiles such as velvets and silks

by DKOR Interiors

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