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Endesa Pavilion showcases sustainability with stunning simplicity and solar energy!

Architects and designers are really pulling out all stops when it comes to creating cool new structures that are not only user-friendly, but also planet-friendly. While some employ traditional design methods which have been tried and tested for ages, others are employing ingenuity and out-of-the-box thinking. And the Endesa Pavilion showcased at the Smart City Expo in Barcelona is all about going off the beaten path.



Designed ever so audaciously by Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, its eye-catching design conceals the amazing green features that it holds within. The home is made up of a series of triangular modules which are made completely out of natural wood. Each of the modules sports photovoltaic panels that are aligned to tap into as much solar energy as possible at all times. The modular design allows home users to attach or remove units as per their space requirement and even design various interiors, with one flowing into another.

On the inside, the layout is pretty simple and surprisingly spacious and with the ample use of glass, there is plenty of natural ventilation as well. With a sleek décor that is ergonomic and as Eco-conscious as the home itself and plenty of space to hang out on the outside as well… Smart home design with an eye on the future. (spotted on Thecoolist)









Endesa Pavilion - Barcelona 11

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