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8 Natural Cleaners For Your Home

Everyone strives to maintain a clean and tidy home, but the products used to reach this goal are usually full of toxic chemicals that produce dangerous fumes. Whether you realize it or not, many antibacterial cleaning products are often more dangerous than the germs they claim to prevent – especially in the hands of a small child.

In order to clean your home without risking your health, and save a little money in the process, consider using these all-natural homemade solutions.

Natural home cleaning products

1) Lemon Juice and Salt — Lemons have long been used for cleaning, which is why so many store bought cleaners boast a fresh lemon scent. By mixing lemon juice and table salt, you have the perfect paste for cleaning cutting boards and lime scale build-up around faucets.

2) White Vinegar — Nothing neutralizes pet odor in carpets and upholstery quite like vinegar. Additionally, this common and inexpensive liquid can be used to clean window glass, coffee pots and remove stubborn stains from clothing.

3) Cooking Oil — This is one cleaning item most people already have in their kitchen pantry. Add a little cooking oil to a soft rag and use it to rub life back into dried wood, wicker furniture and cast iron skillets.

4) Baking Soda — Make a paste using baking soda and a little water. Add to a toothbrush, and use this solution to remove build-up from items like can openers and spigots. You can also sprinkle baking soda onto a stain on your carpet of upholstery, let it sit for a few hours, and vacuum up later.

5) Toothpaste — A small dab of toothpaste added to a soft cloth is perfect for polishing tarnished flatware, steam irons or dirty chrome finished fixtures.

6) Tea — Strong tea makes a wonderful soak for rusted lawn tools and gardening instruments. Simply brew a pot or two and let your rusty items sit for a few hours. Afterward, you can easily wipe away the rust.

7) Glycerin — Instantly remove those pesky candle wax drippings from your table tops and furniture with a large cotton ball or soft cloth dipped in glycerin.

8) Club Soda — Not only is it a delicious and low calorie accompaniment to your favorite cocktail, but club soda is also great for removing red wine from clothing and scuff marks from stainless steel.

Carrie Dagenhard

Carrie is a seasoned blogger, entertainment journalist and all around professional wordsmith with a passion for interior design and home organization. A self-proclaimed eternal wanderer and neat freak, she enjoys sharing her eclectic tastes and zeal of creating a beautiful and balanced space through DIY home décor. After graduating with a degr[...]

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