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8 Modular Home Designs With Modern Flair

There’s just something stylish about modular homes! Which is why so many design enthusiasts are turning to prefab houses for their living space dilemmas. These interesting dwellings are assembled in a factory, then shipped in pieces to the destination of choice, where final construction ensues.

Modular homes designs with a modern flair

Especially when it comes to modern design, nothing beats the price of a modular home. With lower building costs and a faster turnaround time, these prefab houses can at times be customized so you get exactly what you want! And don’t think that lower costs mean cheaper materials. High-quality is a reality in modular home construction! Below we present a collection of 8 intriguing modular houses that inspire with their cutting-edge design. Enjoy!

The Ford House

We begin with the Ford house by Ma, an offshoot of the Austin, Texas-based design/build firm KRDB. Starting at $140 per square foot, Ma’s modular homes are a budget-conscious option for those who appreciate high quality and green practices. Shown below, Luna/Ford consists of 2 modules. Three bedrooms and two bathrooms are highlights, as is an exterior deck.

A modern modular home

The interior of Ford is clean-lined and bright, setting the stage for modern decor:

A modular home interior

The back deck is roomy, so it’s the perfect place for outdoor seating. Better make it pretty, because floor-to-ceiling windows ensure that you get a good view of the deck from inside of the house!

A back view of a modern modular home

As if expansive windows weren’t enough, a second row of narrow panes can be found near the ceiling, allowing for even more light to filter in.

The indoors meet the outdoors in a modular home

The Blanco House

Also from Ma, the Blanco house, a.k.a. Blanco River, is long and rustic. A 3-bedroom, 2-bath dwelling, the home offers an optional exterior deck.

A rectangular modular home

A closer look reveals interesting architectural detailing, like metal sculptural beams:

Support beams add style to a modular house

The roomy interior of Blanco does not disappoint. Wooden floors and cabinetry make a strong yet neutral statement, as do tall windows.

A colorful modern interior

Don’t think the bedrooms of this home are any less bright than the living spaces! Below we see how simplicity=striking!

A modular home bedroom


Q-House by asenio_mah is customizable with components like shell shape, windows, doors, materials, decks and accessories. Form and function beautifully combine, creating a stunning result. Not to mention, Q-House is the product of green building, showcasing features like solar hot water, recyclable materials and energy-efficient appliances. [images below from MORFAE]

The modular Q-House

As if life at Q-House weren’t fabulous enough, this model has a relaxing pool-side location:

A modular home with a pool-side setting

While dark on the outside, the interior is light, featuring an abundance of windows.

The interior of the modular Q-House

The innovative design is carried throughout the entire house, with stairs and railing reinforcing angular motifs:

Angles and stairsteps in a modular home

Blu Homes

Designed by leading architects, Blu Homes feature open floor plans and high ceilings. Air flow and natural light are building priorities, and if you’re looking for ways to minimize toxins, you’ll be thrilled with Blu Homes’ healthy construction practices.

A modular home from Blu Homes

Blu Homes come in a variety of styles and models, such as Evolution, shown below:

A Blu Homes modular home

Interiors encourage the interplay of light, glass and wood. The modern kitchen below is the perfect example of a functional, stylish space.

The interior of a Blu Homes modular home

The next image features a dining area with a backyard view. A kitchen bar provides extra seating options for group entertaining:

A modular home dining area

Rincon Series

Let’s now turn our eyes to some singular style. Single-module, that is! This rectangular dwelling from Marmol Radziner Prefab can be used as a guesthouse, office, or even a vacation home! Because it’s a single module, the house arrives complete with appliances, fixtures and cabinets installed. Like all Marmol Radziner Prefab houses, the dwelling is a custom home that can be designed to meet your exact needs.

A single-module home

Simple style is a reality with single-module housing. Glass windows and doors keep the home from looking too boxy:

A single modular home

Don’t assume that a simple home comes with a plain interior! Wooden detailing and gleaming tile add modern personality to the kitchen below.

The interior of a single-module home

A lot of light goes a long way! A plethora of windows ensures that this narrow dwelling does not feel restrictive in any way, shape or form.

A single-module interior

Locomo Series

The Locomo Series home from Marmol Radziner Prefab comes in a variety of one- and two-story designs. Below we see the Micro Green model, a 1-bedroom/1-bath construction that includes a deck:

Locomo Series modular housing

Need more space? Try the 3-bedroom, 2-bath model, which offers a stately look and plenty of light thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows. If you’re not needing a dwelling quite this big, a 2-bedroom Locomo Series model is also available!

A 3-bedroom modular house

If you’re looking for maximum space possibilities, check out the 4-bedroom/3-bath model, a two-story dwelling that includes a 112 sq. ft. deck:

A 4-bedroom modular house

LivingHome C6

With a tagline of “Nature Made. Factory Built.,” LivingHomes offers design that is modern yet warm. By using materials that are sustainable, non-toxic and natural, high standards are set without sacrificing style. Below we see the Home Depot Living Home C6, located in Long Beach, California.

The LivingHome C6 Modular Home

Details like ceiling beams and hardwood floors soften the space:

The Interior of the LivingHome C6 modular home

A bold red pendant light adds vibrancy to the neutral interior, as shown below:

The LivingHome C6 Modular Home dining area

A view of the home through the trees shows how this prefab construction can take on a rustic look in the right setting. Note how landscaping and the strategic use of plants personalize the home’s exterior.

A modular home exterior


Compact living has never been so…spotted! But if polka dots aren’t your preference, never fear. Solid colors are available as well! Crafted of shipping containers, Conhouse can be assembled in a single day. Use this space as a home office, vacation home, expanding home, multi-purpose home and more! Thick walls and plenty of light ensure the dwelling is much more than a shipping container. [from Trendir]

A close-up of Conhouse

The model you see below is located in Trebnje, Slovenia:

The Conhouse modular home

Don’t let the spotted exterior fool you–A warm beige interior with hardwood floors awaits the dwelling’s inhabitants!

The interior of the prefab Conhouse

There’s even room for a deck out back. What’s the perfect chair for this outdoor area? Something bright and modern, of course!

The two-story prefab Conhouse

Prefab housing is becoming increasingly popular, thanks to a growing number of home builders entering the field. As public interest in modular housing grows, expect to see even more options, hopefully at continued affordable rates. See anything you like above? These homes remind us that less is more, and that having more style for less cost is a delightful reality!

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