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Sweet and Sour: Mixing Cherry Limeade & Splashing It in Our Homes for a Refreshing Interior

Let’s get wild with some two toned interior rooms this summer. Colors from the opposite side of the color wheel can work famously in your room if only you are willing.

Decorating with cherry – floor to ceiling curtains

They say opposites attract- that a somber man will love a vivacious woman. Or that best friends rarely have much in common. Which is why sweet and sour intermingle so well upon our nearly 10,000 taste buds as the receptor cells rejoice at the sugar and salt combo we clamp our teeth into. As we diligently chew savoring the meal we salute the concept that opposites are meant for each other. Take me for example. If I prepare my own meal, I serve dessert with the meal. To fully and better enjoy the meal it’s one bite entrée, one bite dessert, one bite entrée, one bite dessert, and so continues my meal. That is how deep my dedication caters to the sweet and sour craving.

And so for our homes, and all the people who will take a peek at it we’re going to create a sweet and sour experience for our eye’s taste buds.

Step one: Let’s start with the flooring. Unleash your adventurous side with some deep, yet vivid solid cherry wood flooring. Not only will it make your floor pop with intensity it’s a great way to introduce a new option into your home as it comes in so many varieties. Not only can you choose plank width and length, there are different species that will enable you to find just the right tone to resuscitate the foundation.

White kitchen with solid cherry wood flooring / by Fifth Element Homes

So give yourself a view for the nights when you hang your head in exhaustion and take in the view of a clean, colorful, varnished cherry….floor. This ripe, fruity color will illuminate your natural light facilities without diminishing the perception of size of your room. Color is non-discriminating. It doesn’t object to small spaces, or obscure spaces, it just wants to be part of you life and your retina.

Step two: Allow the old, discarded white, cream or pale gray to drip down and cover your walls in a white hue or other solid color. When we incorporate the other bright color drink inspired lime, the combination of colored wall and furniture will be overpowering, but on our walls it will serve as a neutralizing backsplash.

Red furniture with white walls

Step three: Scheduling the furniture, or manipulating your friends into helping you pick it up from storage to placing it on your Berber carpet. After all the heaving and grunting at least you can allow them to try out your lime colored new furniture scented seating arrangement. This color can be vivaciously bright or toned down, whichever matches your personality. It’s a trending color for any summer occasion, and can be year-round enjoyment as it dispels dark corners.

Lime green modern bedroom design
Lime green kids room

Step Four: While the skin of a cherry may have started out as our muse for the flooring, the cherry blossom is an internationally accepted and loved flower by men, women, and children. From Japan to the United States marks a very significant historic moment and so for some countries this blossom is a peace treaty.

It’s okay to be obvious and literal in your décor. Not everything has to contain an innuendo or create brain wave turmoil as you stand before a room that says a million things.

Cherry blossom privacy screen
Cherry blossom privacy screen

So a simple way to make cherry a definitive part of the room can be as easy as purchasing a Cherry blossom privacy screen to add height, dimension and color. With artwork that resembles authentic Japanese work and the color of the blossoms attracting our ceiling color, it’s a great place to begin introducing cherry hues to our groundwork of lime. Also to the groundwork some popular contemporary pouf ottomans in cherry, which will now give your feet, a place to stake a claim in this fun color.

Step five: Continue to neutralize with elements in black or white and experience for yourself the amazing power of splashing your home with the refreshing cherry limeade drink and get your own burst of energy from walking into this bright room and enjoy with a side of ice!

Lime green and cherry decor
Momina Khan
From a very early age Momina Khan discovered her passion and talent for rearranging furniture and indulging herself with interior design. Over the years this passion has only intensified as well as her education and calling in creative writing. As a writer Momina finds Decoist a perfect environment to creating art with words on the art of DIY d[...]

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