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3 Tricks for Hiding Unsightly Clutter

Regardless of how clean, tidy and organized you may be, every homeowner has at least a small mound of clutter somewhere in their home. It’s not necessarily because you’ve developed a hoarding habit, but because there are some things that we simply can’t bear to throw away. Maybe it’s an overflowing kitchen junk drawer filled with old photos and other tiny keepsakes, or a pile of old magazines shoved deep underneath your bed.

Cleverly hiding clutter and dirt

Regardless of where or what – your clutter is, there are a few sneaky ways to hide this mess and create some method to your madness.

Decorative Mail Baskets – Don’t have time to sort through your mail? Toss it in the basket for later. In our busy lives, it’s not always possible to open and read every bill, invoice, letter, special offer, notice, postcard or catalog the moment you take it out of your mail box, but leaving it piled on the counter can look atrocious. Instead, keep a basket handy for mail you haven’t yet sorted.

Kitchen with decorative mail baskets for hiding your mess in style

Under-Bed Containers – At some moment in our lives, we’ve all hidden things under our beds. The truth of the matter is, it’s completely okay as long as you’re somewhat organized. Invest in some storage containers that will fit under your bed. This can be a great place to store cumbersome winter coats during the warmer months, baby clothes, shoes and books.

Contemporary bedroom with under bed storage space
Kids bedroom with under bed storage containers

Invest in Furniture with Storage – A hollow ottoman is a great place to hide errant children’s toys and coloring books before guests come to call. Trunks and drawers within your bed frame can also be useful in concealing extra blankets, pillows and other items strewn throughout your living space. However, when tossing clutter into a temporary hiding space it’s important to remember to retrieve them later to avoid permanent clutter issues.

Hide your clutter under the sink in this modern space bathroom furniture
Contemporary shoe cabinet furniture for hiding your … shoes!


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