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Soak up Some Ultra-Violet Rays: How To Decorate With Purple In Dynamic Ways

Imperialism. Friendship. Passion. Wisdom. Nobility. These are the words that can describe your living room when you sanction the sophistication of purple into your home décor. With a few tips you can manage the joyous task of bringing purple in your life without stepping on little girl’s toes and crossing the boundaries of their sparkly and intense purple and pink kingdoms.

Luxury living room in purple, with grey and white / by usona

I say this because when I think of a purple room, immediately a teenage girls dare ye enter bedroom comes to mind. In it she has zebra bedding, with plush fuzzy purple pillows and synthetic purple curtains that have never been opened bid enter to the light of day. Bright purple strings of purple hand in place of closet doors and yes, a lava lamp-remember those fire hazards- decorates her cluttered dresser. But now, when I think of a purple room, there is an air of sophisticated glamour that wipes out the memory of the tacky zebralicious room.

Oh to be Royal and have rich, luxurious shades of purple designated just for the special blood that flows through your veins compliments of your ancestry. Enshrouding their shoulders and body with a cape of decadent purple copiousness, the King and Queen hold their heads erect as we curtsy in awe and reverence.

Purple luxury bedroom with dark grey walls and a fireplace

Well, do I ever have good news for you! You too can have your peers bow down to the majesty of your purple mantle once you reveal your extravagant new living room. This is the one room in the house where you won’t be able to decree, “Don’t let it leave these four walls.“ No, once everyone gets a glimpse of this DIY purple room, the twittersphere will blow up with excitement for purple.

Are you ready? Let’s conquer our undiscovered passion behind purple … in our homes, in our lives, defining our new style.

Step One: Introduction to Our Color Scheme Palette

Purple and grey living room design; great luxurious contrast / by Niki Papadopoulos

For our four walls that will inspire intense logorrhea and will turn the most confidential of us into secret sharers we paint with the color Purple- the one according to the Munsell Color Chart system. It’s an intense color that has some mulberry and violet incorporated to meet the criteria for the impeccable hue.

Once the paint is dry and only when it’s dry, my dear friend, can you have your new velour chesterfield style sofa in a tan camel tone delivered to your doorstep. Unwrap the protective plastic shield and no it’s not a mirage, it’s color-matching precision. Plump up a long rectangular and round solid purple pillow and the exquisiteness continues to expand.

Moroccan Luxury Bathroom with Purple Glossy Furniture

It is customary for one to bring out the best dishes and real silver ware when the dignitaries come to pay a call. You live in the home, you own the room; treat yourself to your best with a claw footed silver side accent table. This heightens the level of sophistication and proves how easy it is to make purple and other colors pop with drama.

Step Two: The Golden Age Effect

I once was of the opinion that gold and silver should rarely be room-mates. Gold and silver bangles were what set me off. They seemed to me to be from the complete opposite sides of the spectrum, but this vibrant color of purple can unite all other royal and rich colors.

Purple bedroom design / by Window Works

For our lighting we are going to invite the some gold lampshades with subtle black patterns to break the monotony and allow the simple black side table hosting the large table lamp to mesh well.

Some ornate golden framed art and other neutral shaded frames to be supporting actors to the golden nominee and your purple wall will be the red carpet to a collage of mis-matched pictures.

Step Three: A United Front

Fancy dining room decor with comfy purple rug
Tufenkian purple carpet in modern living room

Lastly we must address the area where our feet spend the most time. (Please allow at least one year before you kick up your feet on the camel perfection of your sofa.) Lengths of Brazilian mesquite running wall to purple wall with a high base board in a paler shade. You have to give your feet something it wants to keep grounded on and the authentic natural wood imported from Brazil will urge even the most devour sock wearers to strip and allow their toes to wiggle.

Step Four: A Spot Of Tea For Everyone

Modern living area design with purple chairs and grey sofa / by Niki Papadopoulos
Living room decorationg with purple: pillows and chairs / by Rachel Reider Interiors

The silver platter on your silver accent table topped with tea, scones, biscotti, biscuits and scrumptious chocolate will not taste as good as the overall effect of the purple room as you let the gossipmongers in. They discreetly take in your living room that you have prepared to dare them to defy the wonderful royal ambiance you have created.

No sunblock needed here, for these are ultra-violet rays that are good for the dynamic heart, soul and mind.

More purple designs

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Purple accent wall
Purple and white kitchen cabinets – Bilma Kitchens / by European Cabinets & Design Studios
Modern purple and white kitchen furniture / by Celia James

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