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Painting a brilliant billboard: Branding that draws your attention from Reynolds and Reyner

In a modern consumerist world, promotion and visibility are indeed everything. And the best way to get identified is to stand out from the crowd. A Finnish paint company called Waldo Trommler Paints (WTP) decided to enter the US market and to ensure that this foray turns a few heads; they have sought the expert help of Reynolds and Reyner for the perfect branding. And that is exactly what they have got as the new and vividly attractive packaging that is being employed by them is indeed visually captivating and has garnered plenty of attention.

And it is not just the packaging that is bright and brazenly bold for WTP as Reynolds and Reyner have turned everything from business cards to accessories from the company into dazzling and impactful gear that will instinctively grab your attention. If not for the paints, we are tempted to buy them just for the sheer packaging, which is simple, uncomplicated and bold in its look. The colors used are contrary to the dull and neutral shades that you get otherwise and they have been employed in an uncluttered fashion.

If visibility is indeed everything, then there is no doubt that WTP’s paints will be the first to draw your attention on the hardware store shelf. Bold and beautiful, look out for the ‘brightest brand of paints’ …

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