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How to: Clean Household Electronics Quick and Easy

As technology becomes more ingrained into our lives, electronics are becoming more present in our homes. Like any other surface inside a living space, electronics collect dust, dirt and other grime. In addition to giving your home an unsightly or unkempt appearance, dust and dirt can cause serious problems in the functionality of these investments.

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If you’re wondering how to clean your household electronics quickly and easily, you’ll be happy to know we’ve compiled a list of the best cleaners:

  • Electrostatic Cloths – These cloths are sold in the cleaning product isle of most supermarkets, and can be used to clean a variety of surfaces within your home. Soft and non-abrasive, electrostatic cloths pick up dust particles like a magnet and leave the surface debris free.
  • Compressed Gas Cans – Commonly called gas dusters, these cans full of compressed air are helpful for cleaning hard-to-reach spaces, such as between the keys of a keyboard where dust, dirt and other small particles often collect.
  • Microfiber Cloths – This special material is generally used to make the cleaning cloths sold with prescription eye glasses or touch screen mobile phones. They are washable and can clean smudges or dust from glass surfaces without causing scratches.
  • Isopropyl Alcohol – Because it cuts grease and dries quickly, isopropyl alcohol is great for cleaning up marks and stains on the surfaces of electronics. This chemical is also great to have on hand in the event of an emergency – such as if you spill something on your keyboard.

One thing to keep in mind is that most electronics are made with miniscule parts that can easily become damaged or destroyed by poor maintenance or improper cleaning. When cleaning your electronics, be gentle. Additionally, take a proactive approach and keep food, drinks, nail polish and other items that can spill far away from your expensive equipment.

Carrie Dagenhard
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