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Office Space Made from Lego Bricks at Yard Digital in Edinburgh


Thinking of an agency like Yard Digital, the last thing that will cross your mind are fun Lego bricks and countless hours being spent to create Lego models. But Radek Milcarz, a senior web developer at the company decided to go ahead and create a Lego version of the Edinburgh Yard office and also its entire staff.

miniature-Lego-office-Yard-Digital-radekTo our surprise, it took the self-proclaimed Lego maniac only 48 hours to get it all done. But one thing should be mentioned, the Lego version of the office is a lot more polished and well kept than the real office.

And we’re not making this up; unfortunately pizzas on the desk are not part of a typical day in the office, and no, they don’t throw parties every day, either — bummer — but they do “get” time to play around with Lego bricks, instead. Which is kinda cool if you ask me …

Radek who has managed to put everyone in the office, including Hennie the office dog, is dreaming of more Lego bricks, the attention and probably the sponsorship of Lego for his other projects. When asked how it all started, the architect of the miniature Lego office said that at the young age of four he built his first Lego police car.



Fast forward today and you should agree that Radek is a great inspiration source. He has found his dream and he’s living it out loud.

On a more serious note, folks at Yard Digital either have way too much free time on hands, or maybe it’s their way of showing some passion, a much needed ingredient in the digital marketing world today. I’ll let you folks decide!








miniature Lego office - Yard Digital - back office desks

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