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How to Deal with Cables and Wires

You’ve worked hard to create the perfect office space in your home. From the color of the walls and the elegant, simple lighting to the extra-organized storage, ergonomic desk chair and high tech electronics – everything about your office is designed for ultimate productivity.

You have a chic new computer, telephone, fax machine and high speed internet all prepared and everything is in order, except for one thing. All of those electronics mean dozens of cables and wires tangled across the floor, just waiting for an unsuspecting and somewhat clumsy victim. Although your office space is decorated beautifully, it’s marred by the sight of these unsightly cords. Here are some tips to help you deal with this unfortunate situation.

Projects above by Karl Zahn / Picket Fence & Wall Cleats

1) One of the best options is to hide your cables and wires under the flooring – but this is easier said than done. If you go this route – try to do it while you are replacing your flooring because otherwise it could cause a lot of disruption within the room. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that of one of the cables or wires needs to be replaced it could take extra work.

by Charlestown Package Store

2) Another option is to use zip ties to hold the wires and cords in a bundle that can then be tacked to the underside of your desk, or to one of the legs. While this won’t hide the wires and cords completely, it will keep them more organized and less chaotic. You may also choose to paint the cords the same color as your baseboards or wall and run them along this area. While they won’t be completely hidden, they will blend in much better.

Or if you want a bolder solution, how about some stainless steel under the office? Should suffice, me thinks!

3) A third choice is to invest in an under desk wire basket, which you can easily find at many office supply stores that sell furniture, or your chosen big box furniture store, and a power strip large enough for all of your plugs. Instead of letting all of those ugly cables and cords hang freely, run them through the wire basket along with the power strip. Tack the remaining slack together with a handy zip tie and voila! You have a neat and clutter-free work environment.

Carrie Dagenhard

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