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How to Clean Tile Grout

There is something about the look and cool hardness of tile that simply cannot be replicated by any other type of surface. Besides the fact that tile is available in a wide variety of colors or sizes, and can be designed into a number of patterns, it’s also incredibly durable. However, whether as a bathroom surface, flooring or as a kitchen backsplash, one drawback to tile is that it seems you can never quite clean all the grimy buildup from the grout. Luckily there are a couple of simple options that will revive your tile grout and provide you with a sparkling surface.

1) One of the best choices for cleaning grout is oxygen bleach. This nontoxic chemical is not only color safe, but it also requires minimal scrubbing – unlike many other household cleaners. Simply mix oxygen bleach with warm water and pour or spray the solution onto your stained grout.

Allow the solution it soak into the grout for about 20 – 30 minutes. For deeper or older stains, you may want to wait up to an hour. As the solution soaks in, the oxygen ions within the bleach will break apart the stain molecules. Simply give it a light scrub, and the stain should wipe away easily.

2) Another choice is good, old fashioned vinegar. In addition to being eco friendly, vinegar is incredibly effective and much cheaper than chemical-filled commercial tile cleaner. While it might leave a slightly unpleasant smell behind, it’s much safer to breathe in than the fumes of many other cleaners.

  • Regardless of the tile cleaning method you choose, however, always be sure to prep the surface by wiping away loose debris with a damp cloth.
  • When scrubbing, be sure to use a stiff brush but never anything as abrasive as a wire brush or steel wool as this can scratch and ruin your tile.
  • Finally, be sure to clean your tile at least once a month to prevent deep set stains and preserve its radiant finish.

Let us know how it went!

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