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Tips to Make the Most of Your Home Office Space

Working from home allows people to enjoy a more laid back, comfortable pace and eliminates the need for a commute – but it also comes with its own unique set of challenges. Often, working from a home office can present a threat to productivity and it can often be difficult to maintain a professional edge with so many distractions abound. One of the key methods of turning telecommuting into a workable solution is to design a home office space that is in line with your needs.

cozy-tropical-home-office-designby Willman Interiors / Gina Willman

Firstly, if you live in a home with others – be it roommates, your partner, children or rambunctious pets, you will need to ensure you have a space that is reserved just for work. Your living room sofa should never be your home office – nor should your kitchen counter. Instead, choose a space that will exist only for the purpose of work, and preferably a room that is separated from the rest of the house with a door.

Having a separate place to work serves as an insurance that you will have a calmer mind thereby making you more productive. But if you work from home, you may need more than a simple home insurance to cover your business needs. You might want to check new insurance plans that especially cover home offices.

modern-home-office-with-contemporary-furnitureby ASAP house / Studio Kiss

Next, focus on storage and organization. It’s a proven fact that a more organized workspace increases productivity. To help you reach this goal, invest in a bookshelf, filing cabinet and decently sized desk. Utilize stainless steel, wicker colorful plastic magazine boxes, baskets and desk-top organizers to combat the clutter and provide a sleek touch. Hang a large bulletin board in plain sight where you can tack important reminders and messages to yourself to stay on top of your work.

large-desk-with-shelves-and-contemporary-furniture-for-home-officeby Jennifer Gustafson

Choose relaxed, serene colors for your walls and be sure to add personal touches – such as photos and artwork – but don’t overdo it. Remember that a home office exists for work purposes and the more relaxed the design, the further you may venture from a professional demeanor. Additionally, be sure to choose proper lighting and a comfortable chair – both of these elements will contribute to productivity.

multifunctional-white-desk-with-shelves-home-office-ideasby Melissa Lenox Design

Lastly, ensure that work items stay in your office space and home items stay elsewhere in the house. Stray children’s toys, a television and other items for entertainment can be disruptive and further blur the line between work and home life. By maintaining a home office that is work-friendly, you will increase your productivity and reduce common home distractions.

contemporary-furniture-for-cozy-home-office-vancouverby Peter Rose Architecture and Interiors

Here are a few examples of amazing home offices

Wooden-Home-Office-Design-Central-Park-Westby Robert Granoff

white-inspired-home-office-design-with-bookcaseby Lovejoy Designs

Blue Girls Lounge Eclectic Home Office - Mineapolisby Martha O’Hara Interiors / Photography by Karen Melvin

bookcase-home-office-design-new-yorkby Mabbott Seidel Architecture

Summer-Flame-Wood-Finished-Home-Office-600x475by Tailored Living

traditional-home-office-design-with-classic-feelby Harrell Remodeling

Custom-Home-Office-with-rich-cherry-wood-frosted-glass-doorsby Malka / Closet Innovations

traditional-home-office-furniture-with-stunning-viewsby Kitchens & Baths, Linda Burkhardt

contemporary-home-office-lateral-file-storage-idea-san-franciscoby Harrell Remodeling

white-furniture-home-office-design-shelving-desk-space-with-open-storageby Jennifer Gustafson

practical-cool-desk-design-for-contemporary-home-officeby Ian Engberg / Photography by Michael Moran

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