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Tips for Entertaining in a Small Space

Small spaces have plenty of perks – they’re compact, easy to maintain, cozy and generally charming. However, when it comes to entertaining, small spaces also have their drawbacks. If you live in a small home – such as a city apartment or tiny one-person condo – you may feel a little hesitant to host any sort of event.

Space layout living dinner with fireplace and built-in cabinets

You may fear that your living space is much too small for your friends or family to enjoy themselves comfortably. However, plenty of people across the world are making small spaces work in their favor. Here are some helpful tips.

small living room design with white couch and elegant accessories

1. Keep it Intimate – When it comes to entertaining in a small area, intimacy is really your only choice. The best way to use this to your advantage is to add to the coziness. To provide ample seating, lay out pillows around the coffee table, dim the lights and add some candles to create the right ambiance.

contemporary family room with kitchen island and bar stools

2. Keep it Laid Back – Everyone stresses over parties, but sometimes the best parties are the spontaneous ones. Sometimes all you need to ensure a good time is good eats, cocktails and upbeat music. Create a playlist to keep the mood light, set out a makeshift mini bar and, for food, set out a buffet. Allow people to help themselves so you’re not constantly doing all of the running around.

small contemporary kitchen with large countertops

3. Maximize Countertops – If you live in a small space, chances are you also have limited counter space. Make the most of this space by first clearing off all other items and storing them in your cabinets and closets. Next, go vertical. Cupcake stands or tiered cheese trays are great for setting out plenty of food without taking up tons of counter area.

small entrance hall with colorful couch and stylish coat rack

4. Invest in a Coat Rack – Anyone who has ever lived in a tiny apartment knows that closet space is a precious commodity. Instead of stuffing it full with your friends coats, hats, bags and various other personal effects or outerwear, get a coat rack or stand. This will keep everyone’s things in one place and, in the future, will help you to free up some of your own closet area. As any small space dweller knows, you have to get creative.

san francisco urban loft decor

Idea for sitting room separating living and eating

elegant small living room with colorful rug

small studio  furniture layout idea

playful small living area with home office desk

white modern kitchen with islands and cabinets

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