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Tips for Pet-Proofing Your Furniture

There’s nothing quite like the unconditional love from your furry (or feathered) friend. In fact, sharing your home with an animal companion is one of the most fulfilling choices you can make in life. However, living with an animal does have its drawbacks – especially when it comes to keeping your beloved furniture pristine.

new york contemporary living room with open space kitchen

Here are a few helpful tips designed to keep your furniture safe from prying paws.

  1. Spray Deterrents – You can easily find spray deterrent products at your local pet store. Some are designed specifically for pets, some just for dogs and some for all animals. The idea here is to associate your furniture with a taste or smell that is repulsive to your pet, but won’t be noticeable to you (or your guests).
    When choosing a product, make sure it is both safe for your pet and will not discolor or otherwise harm your furniture. Try the product on an inconspicuous spot before dousing an entire sofa.
  2. Slip Covers and Throws – Sometimes it’s impossible to keep pets from making themselves at home in certain spots. Cats, for instance, have a habit of finding  a favorite perch on the back of a chair or sofa and will continue to use this spot regardless of how many times to try to discourage them. If this is the case, use washable slip covers and throws that can easily be removed when company comes to call.
  3. Work on Your Pet’s Behavior – Like a child, your animal companion is not born knowing the difference between what is expected and what is frowned upon. Try to begin working with your pet when they are younger by using positive reinforcement when they listen to your commands. Often by simply teaching your animal friend not to jump on, claw, bite or scratch your furniture, hey will avoid this bad behavior for their entire lifetime.

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