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Secret Garden: Zaha Hadid and Paola Navone Create a Fairytale Land With Dazzling Design

This seems a bit like stumbling and falling into the hole that led Alice to the Wonderland. And unlike the old classical version, this is more akin to the world as viewed in the Johnny Depp version sans all the dark spookiness that came along.

The Secret Garden designed by Zaha Hadid and Paola Navone is a beautiful setup that uses installations of woven hazelnut branches, glittering lights, bright structures along with elements of nature to create an interactive and alluring experience that seems to transcend you into a different world.



The most striking feature of the spectacle is the use of giant hanging light installations that seem to give the entire area a magical touch while the woven installations present a varied texture to the surroundings. The use of artificial lighting along with natural elements seems to create a visual experience that encourages those who step in to explore each area of the garden further with a hope that they will discover new treasures that are hidden within.

The designers of the Secret garden obviously want us to believe that there is a lot more than meets the eye here and they seem to have succeeded in creating the illusion. This is indeed a treat for the eyes … (found on TheCoolist)








Secret Garden MIlano - Zaha Hadid & Paola Navone 10

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