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How to Clean Cork Flooring

In addition to its being incredibly environmentally friendly, beautiful in appearance and a great sound proofing agent, cork flooring has yet another redeeming attribute – it’s also extremely easy to clean. If you’ve recently purchased cork flooring, you might still be a little unsure as to how to clean them properly without causing damage to your investment. By following these steps, you can prolong the life of your cork flooring while simultaneously enjoying all of its positive qualities.


Sweep daily. A little cleaning here and there eliminates the need for a major cleaning down the road. Remember that cork flooring, for all of its favorable characteristics, can be easily scratched. Use a broom with soft bristles to remove dirt, dust and other debris that builds up on your floor throughout the day.


Treat messes immediately. Spills happen in every home. Whether you live alone, with roommates, or have a large family under your roof, you’re bound to have a few accidents. Whether milk, wine, spaghetti sauce or some other substance, it’s important to wipe up messes immediately. If you allow spills to sink into your cork flooring, you could eventually be dealing with unsightly spots and mold growth.

child bedroom cork flooring

Mop regularly. Like other types of wood flooring, a quick mop is all you need to get your cork floors back to their beautiful, sparkling best. However, because cork flooring should never be saturated, use a lightly dampened sponge mop in place of a soaking wet rag mop. Additionally, only use cleaning solutions approved for cork flooring as other types of cleaner may be too abrasive.

Finally, once your cork flooring is cleaned wait until they are completely dry before replacing rugs and furniture. If you replace these items before your floor is completely dry, it could cause moisture to become trapped on top of the flooring and ruin the finish. When it comes to an investment like cork flooring, you likely want to take every step to make sure it lasts.

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