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Small And Cozy Student Apartment in Historic Building

What do you need when just starting out in life? Nothing more than a small and cozy apartment that will shelter your ambitions while you strive to become your best self. This student apartment is cleverly designed to accommodate a basic lifestyle, but its brightness and cheery atmosphere constructs a small dream house. Occupying only 33 square meters, the crib is separated into a kitchen/ living space, a nook sheltering the bed and a bathroom.

Comfortable and easy to clean, the bathroom is cleverly designed to make maximum use of the small space. The clear glass divider of the shower stall separates but still allows for a larger visual view to avoid any feelings of being closeted in a tight area. We have the tile floor that just slightly slopes into the shower drain making it an easy task to clean by just scrubbing it down and rinsing everything down the drain.

The kitchen and living area can be well appointed and still have a feel of spaciousness.  Even a busy chef can comfortably move around in the efficient kitchen preparing a feast.  The living section is ample for studying, writing term papers and relaxing to watch your flat screen TV.

This is an unpretentious, simple space where you can enjoy the benefits of a smaller place in which to live. This apartment is a dream come true for someone who appreciates an elegant, bright interior. Located in a building with an interesting history that used to be an old horse shoe factory in the nineteenth century and a soap and cosmetics factory at the beginning of the 20th century, the apartment is available at Stadshem. (Found on Let Me Be Inspired)


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