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Beauty of White Interiors: Vivienda en Llaveneres in Spain

A white backdrop is at times like a canvas. You can try bringing in a contrast or you can play around with more and more white stuff. Either will enhance the beauty and purity of the shade. Here is another design with more white in it and check for yourselves how the white magic works!

Each room is different from one another in terms of design despite its similar white walls and ceilings. The contemporary design is complimented with modern adornments. The interior is by Spanish designer Susanna Cots for a project entitled Vivienda en Llaveneres.

The design takes off from the serene and tranquil appearance of the neighboring sea as it lies in the north side of Barcelona, in Spain. Most of the rooms are constructed in such a way that they are parallel to the sea line. Thus the beauty of waves and splashes could be enjoyed from everywhere inside.

The use of wooden accessories is another highlight. Wooden flooring, stairs, doors and furniture are lavishly used. Certain woody stuff exhibit a raw look rather than a polished and refined appearance.

The incorporation of black and brown along white shades in furniture is quite remarkable. The beauty of the entire apartment lies in keeping alive the characteristic feature of simplicity.

Cristina Toplita

I write for decoist.

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