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The Art Of Pillow Placement

Did you know that pillows can create absurd sneeze inducing fits from the aftermath of floating feathers due to an extreme sport called pillow fighting? But surely so much more pleasure can be derived from these fluffy entities.

Throw pillows offer texture, dimension, depth, personality, seating arrangements and a sense of overall charm and frequently are the gorgeous focal points in your home. Behind the placement of these beautiful members of our home is a science and art into what and where it will fit. And of course there is always that deep question of whether or not they will live up to their name and just get thrown off the sofa after many hard hours of selection, fluffing and of course the art of placement.

The following list categorizes five things to take into consideration when choosing your pillows

1.    SHAPE: Round, Circular, Bolster, Square and Rectangular

Ah, the bolster pillow. This pillow loves the accompaniment of its other feather filled friends. While it’s truly a beautiful asset, it is not one to stand-alone. It needs square hips; I mean pillows, to show off its significant curves. Remember that every actor has a best supporting actor!

2.    MATERIAL: Velvet, Suede, Silk, Cotton, Chenille, Linen, Hemp, Rayon and Polyester Blends, Faux fur, Rayon, Wool, Sheepskin, and Tapestry

When choosing the fabric of your pillow, texture is everything. If you have a sleek leather couch you will want to compliment it using some more organic fabric like linen or hemp. This will offer great contrast and striking intensity, as well as resolve the issue of slippery seating.

3.    FINISHES: Tassels, embroidery, fringes, shimmer, sequins, beads, shag, lace, and buttons

Take a look around your room. What do you see? If you have cool sleek modern lines you won’t want an overly frilly and embroidered piece that screams I’m Victorian! You can definitely increase some attitude into the living space with a daring shag pillow or two.

 4.    SIZE: Small, Medium, Large, Oversized, Floor pillows, accent pillows, and sofa back pillows

If you have a small loveseat you want to be able to do more than sit on the edge of the sofa. Having oversized pillows only works on oversized chairs and the floor. Keep in mind that a million small pillows isn’t the answer either. You want diversity; an array of shapes, sizes, colors textures.

 5.    PURPOSE: Decorative, Accent, Floor and Seating

Accent pillows are in now way to be considered an afterthought even if they are the ones that fill in the blank spots. They are charming and often the most comfortable in their simplicity, whereas floor pillows are the economic pillow choice of 2012. They are more reasonably priced than traditionally new seating options. As an added bonus they are an interior designers dream come true as they can go from an exotic accent to someone’s backrest in minutes without destroying your perfected look.

If you adhere to the five pillow placement considerations, you can dress up your sofa with a row of square pillows on their corners making a nice diagonal backsplash offering that always appreciated additional comfort. A stack of three oversized floor pillows with a nice round one leaning on it’s side in front of a bookcase will entice the bookworms of your family to relax with a page thriller. And a nice bolster pillow propped against the armrest (with it’s friends, of course) will take Friday movie night to a new level as you stretch out and contort the bolster to perfectly support your neck, head and shoulders.


Disclaimer: Pillow placement is most enjoyed after a good fluffing, strategic placement and the reunion of your back against fluffed pillow.

Momina Khan

From a very early age Momina Khan discovered her passion and talent for rearranging furniture and indulging herself with interior design. Over the years this passion has only intensified as well as her education and calling in creative writing. As a writer Momina finds Decoist a perfect environment to creating art with words on the art of DIY d[...]

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