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Eco-Friendly House by Patrice Bideau in France

An avant-garde garden design united with a lovely swimming pool can be an enchanting sight to behold. This astounding property with a magnificent house constructed to its north-west area, has a vegetable garden to its east. Altogether it forms a humble set of architectural marvels along with which have incorporated some captivating ideas that ensure eco-friendliness. Situated in Baden,France, the building has been designed by French architect Patrice Bideau.

The residence poses what is called a bioclimatic design. Its comprises a pergola, a conservatory as well as a winter garden which helps in procuring heat inside the building during the winters and also allows ample ventilation in the summers. Not to mention the polycarbonate roofs and double glazed panels which bring elegance to the building as well as prove to be a great help in the eco-friendly aspects.

As you see, the whole plot holds a distinct charm, which looks different at different times of the day. It conveys such an impression that the natural elements in and around the pool has been maintained as such. The pavements stand exceptional of its background. It has been learned that the owners actually consulted with a designer and landscape gardener even before the construction of the house to fulfill their wish of having a fantastic surrounding. Beside the pool, a seating arrangement has been provided and there is a garage attached to the back portion of the house.

Cristina Toplita

I write for decoist.

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