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Living Room Style: Mario Testino’s Spectacular Design

Saying that what you’re about to see is a wonderfully designed living room, is nothing but an understatement. This is so alluring! This is spectacular, it’s gorgeous. Mario Testino is a great photographer, but it looks like he has great taste when it comes to interior design as his living room has attracted everyone’s attention with its artistic look and the fact that everything is placed right where it should be placed.

There are so many things we could learn from this room. Probably, first of them is that you are allowed to play with color — definitely love the color combination in here. The white, black and rusty shades are amazing and a combination of them may work well on your living room, too.

A few rugs in different patterns and shades can really do the trick. In addition, they serve as chic space dividers. This is a great example of creativity, a blend of formal and casual items would do the purpose fairly well; get jumbo sized decorative articles, big flower vases, sculptures or even large lampshades if you want to make a style statement.

A uniform sized article would impart a tidy outlook to your interior. Dark floors and white walls, to a great extent, help to get maximum attention to your exhibition. Provide some incandescent lighting to impart romance to your room.

Using repeated patterns on different furniture would really play big in getting attention. So, try to get same patterns on bookshelves doors and windows. Maintaining a visual balance is equally important. Else, your room would look frenetic. Keep everything in pairs, even if it’s pillows on settee. Believe us, your room would look amazing. (Found on Vogue via AT)

Cristina Toplita

I write for decoist.

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