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Cleaning “Actual” Pillows Not as Hard as You May Think

Cleaning pillow covers is more or less like cleaning your dress, yet cleaning your actual pillows might be tiresome. But it’s very important from a hygienic point of view, so we have some tips that will help you out — you can either go for a machine wash or a hand wash.

Pillows machine washing

For machine wash, use a moderately hard liquid detergent and a few drops of bleach. Also use a good fabric conditioner for better cleaning, and color-fast bleach if your pillow is colored. Set the machine in gentle mode, and rinse it for 2 or 3 cycles. Turn the pillows several times in the midst of rinsing. Drain as much of water as possible before drying, and punch it towards the end to fluff up.

Pillows hand washing

For hand washing too, principles remain almost same except the intervention of machine. Fill the beaker with warm water, and add some detergent and a pinch of bleach. Sink the pillow in this mixture, and let it stand for about half an hour or so. Squeeze and rinse it several times to get rid of extra soap. Place it on a horizontal platform for a while to drain off excess moisture, before putting it in dryer. Punch it to fluff.

Drying the pillows

Cleaning is done, and now it’s time for drying. Put it in the dryer for some time, take them out and hang in moisture free area. Drying would take some days, and you can dry it under sun to speed up the process.

Cristina Toplita

I write for decoist.

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