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Cleaning 101: New Approach to Bathroom Cleaning

It’s definite that no one would want to see their bathroom in a shabby condition. But, when it comes to cleaning their own bathroom, most people would rather that job disappear. Some people put the blame on their hectic work schedules, while most of you have no idea as to where to start from. Let’s look into some basics of bathroom cleaning.

Cleaning your bathroom is all about enthusiasm, a desire to see your bathroom clean and welcoming. In addition to wanting it, a bunch of wipes, and cleaner under the sink would do the purpose well. Still not convinced?

To carry out cleaning without tiring, you need to follow some simple rules. First rule; don’t let plaque and soap scum to build up on the tub, wash basins, or lavatory. Clean it on a regular basis, or at least once in a week. You might need tools like acotton cleaning cloth, double-duty sponge, rubber-lipped squeegee for glass and mirror, tile brush for floor tiles, tooth brush for micro-level cleaning, mops, gloves and heavy-duty apron.

You can use expired products such as face creams, hair-gels, or whatever as reagents. Let it stand for 20 minutes. Those who insist on a disinfectant can go for it. Use a good multi-surface cleaner spray, bowl cleaner, tile and tub spray cleaner, powdered abrasive cleaner as the case may be. And see how beautiful your bathrooms can be.

Just be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions as some bathroom fixtures’ finishes may be damaged by abrasive cleaners.  Once such a surface has been roughed up, it will be much more difficult to clean as the dirt will rapidly accumulate in the now-porous surface.

Cristina Toplita

I write for decoist.

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