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Oz Sofa-Bed Combo Furniture Sports Two-in-One Design

Today we bring before you a convenient Oz sofa-bed to decorate your living room. This fantastic piece of furniture was designed for Moldeni&C by designer Nicola Gallizia.  Unlike other multipurpose furniture sets, the transformation of the Oz sofa to a beautiful bedding and back seems to be very simple. It just takes a few seconds to switch between shapes — all you’d need for the bed would be a couple of pillows and some extra blanket.

The Oz sofa-bed combo has got multiple implications. First, it saves your budget on furniture. And, you can save lots of space, which would otherwise be spending for bed and sofa separately. For houses having limited area, the Oz comes to offer a good deal of help. Also, people who wish to maintain simplicity in their interiors would definitely want to give the Oz a try.  Coming to its dimensions, it is offered in widths of 1820 mm or 2020 mm, and it can be extended to 2080 mm in length while it gets transformed to bed.

The headboard portion could be elevated to a maximum height of 670 mm. The mechanism employed in designing this furniture is simple, but brilliant. A small lever is hidden beneath the front panel, which on demand could be pulled out. This will draw the platform kept hidden under the cushion outwards. As you pull the panel further, it would slowly assume the shape of a bed. Sounds interesting, right?

Cristina Toplita

I write for decoist.

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