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Inspired by Nature, Stylish Bathroom Collection from Neutra

How about sinking into a bathtub set amidst a natural ambiance? If you would like that to happen, Neutra might have something for you — a collection of sleek and stylish bathroom fittings that will definitely make you admire their chic style.

Inspired by the natural world around you and me, Neutra has a new series of bathroom furnishings and fittings that combine the purity of water, energy of stones, and the warmth of wood.

Does that say it all? Nature seems to be what drives this line of products that would make your bathroom an experience in itself. All the furnishings, including the sink, bath tub, shelves and shower floor are made of stone, wood and aluminum. They evoke the feeling of nature and create a holistic atmosphere to the maximum, and prove themselves to be alluring to the core. This unique new collection of bathroom furnishings, in short, would provide you with a rejuvenated bathing experience. Sleek!

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