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Phil Cuttance’s Amazing and Unique Faceture Series

Seeing the “making of” for Phil Cuttance‘s amazing FACETURE Series makes you want to start creating unique pieces and expand the design world a bit more. It seems so easy and fun, but behind the project is the idea that the designer used simple cutting and molding techniques to create such stunningly contemporary pieces. Branded with a number at the bottom – which certifies each piece is unique – the items display a playful yet stylish body.

Phil Cuttance's Amazing and Unique Faceture Series

The household objects series were made by hand cutting a 0.5mm plastic sheet into a triangular pattern, then cut and folded to shape each unique item. The designer says that “the mold’s final shape, and strength, is dictated by which triangular facets I pop in and out.” By pouring a mix of water-based casting resin into the faceted mold and allowing it to solidify, Phil constructs different pieces displaying playful colors. Hope you like them as much as we do. (Found on Core77)






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