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Extraordinary Fireplace Designs that Charm

The first imagery that usually comes to your mind when you think about fireplaces is the regular bricks formation at one end of the room, filled with fuel and connected to a chimney. Because yes, that’s what most of us have, or see. Acquaefuoco however, does the out-of-the-ordinary stuff. Experts in designing creative fireplaces that they are, they have presented a new range of unique collection of fireplace designs that blends the state-of-the-art with the beauty of fire.

The collection offers a wide range of selection, from a transparent dual aspect piece which can sit in your floor or wall mounted, to shelf amalgamated creations. The teardrop fireplace, which gets its name from the teardrop-like shape of the flame range, is a winner: it is available in various sizes and hues; the bigger ones can adorn your walls whereas the smaller ones can be used in multiple pieces and mounted on the walls. Using multiple pieces ensures even heat generation throughout the room. There is the circular fireplace that resembles a porthole window, a shelf mounted piece with transparent glass covering, and various other designs that are a welcome change from the same old letterbox designs. The fireplaces would look great in a contemporary minimalist interior and add to the charm.

Cristina Toplita

I write for decoist.

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