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Overdose of Colors for Your Office Can be a Unique Idea

A colorful creative office design has been unveiled by Argentinean architect Agustina Bottinelli of AB I Arquitectos Associados. The design focuses on creative patterns in an effort to make office interiors a bit more calming and suit an informal, friendly, working environment. In simple words, this is an overdose of brilliant colors.

The design is defined by a range of hues throughout, with everything in vivid colors, from the floors to walls, ceiling, furniture, cushions, covers and more. Slashes of red paint, stairs that appear like piano keys, old school video games, funky pop furniture, and a toilet covered through and through in newspaper articles – it’s all a part of the design. Now this is one promising design for the people in a creative industry. How would you like working in such a place? Doesn’t it look like a unique idea?

Cristina Toplita

I write for decoist.

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